Are you struggling to find your clarity, to know what your Soul truly desires?

You can stay connected to your inner knowing and live from there.

You want to make a difference in the lives of others and also achieve your dreams. It’s important to you to live your highest values, to be wise in your actions.

But sometimes it’s challenging to stay centered.

Those moments when you connect to the rich depth of your being, where inner clarity and peace reside, seem to be only that…moments.

It’s understandable. Maintaining your true expression can be difficult when you don’t yet have the practical, spiritual support most people need. It can take time to build the skills. In the meantime, it can be frustrating to be pulled out of balance by external pressures and internal programs.

It doesn’t have to be so hard.

You can create a joyful, exuberant life. You can learn to maintain a high vibration and express the truth of your Soul, regardless of what is going on around you. You can remain in your center and live from there.

Your truest nature is to experience a healthy, vibrant personal life, create fulfilling relationships, enjoy an effective and enriching career, participate in community, and join with others who are waking up to take their place in a regenerative society that cares for each other and our planet.

Hi, we are Jack and Stacey Stephens co-founders of Soul Self Living. We are assisted by The Ancient Ones, non-physical beings who have guided us for many years.

We teach people how to maintain connection with their Soul, make true connections with others, and increase their well-being.

We help people remember what it means to be fully human: capable, creative, connected, and Divine. We empower people to live their Soul’s blueprint.

Soul Self Living Sessions with Jack Stephens

For connecting to your inner wisdom, accurately interpreting your insights, and taking right action.

Channeled Vibrational Healing Intensives with Stacey Stephens

For those with an acute or chronic health issue, or desire preventative energetic support.

Not sure what you need? If you know you are ready to gain more clarity or make some changes but aren’t sure exactly what you need, take us up on a FREE DISCOVERY SESSION.

What would your life look like if you were living as your Soul designed?

In Soul Self Living Sessions Jack Stephens uses perception-shifting conversations, combining intuition, energy reading, and practical experience to effectively guide people into a powerful connection with their Soul’s wisdom.

This opportunity is especially for leaders and those who are teachers at heart. You may be a coach or therapist, an entrepreneur, or someone who is accepting a high level of responsibility in an organization or company. You desire that your ego be aligned with your Soul, which is aligned with Spirit. Maintaining this alignment puts you on the leading edge of the highest good that is emerging in human society today.


Soul Self Amazon Bestseller

Soul Self is an outstanding primer on living a soul-directed life. It should be required reading for every student in high school and college. If I had been given this book at that age, I would have saved decades of searching, seeking, and experimenting to find my own soul path. Jack Stephens has taken one of Life’s Big Questions – ‘How shall I live?’ – and offered a step-by-step manual for finding the answer. His key? Quiet the mind and listen to your soul’s guidance. Establish a direct dialogue with the most objective and spiritual part of yourself. You can’t go wrong. When your soul is in charge of your life, rather than your ego, you can achieve what you really want. This book is a great beginning for your quest for a better life.”~ Lion Goodman, author of Transform Your Beliefs: Unleash Your Magnificence and Change Your World

Purchase your copy of Soul Self in paperback or for Kindle here >

Do you feel the prompting to ask SPIRIT for assistance in your Awakening process?

If you believe in a higher power that is benevolent, you will gain much in your Channeled Vibrational Healing intensive with The Ancient Ones. They work through Stacey Stephens to assist mankind to Awaken to their Soul’s guidance.


Messages from The Ancient Ones

“The Ancient Ones really ‘spoke to me’ on a level not many books do. Reading the words touched me physically as if a spark inside of me was recognised, acknowledged, held and understood. The messages shared within take you to a place where you are able to open your heart and mind. Guiding us to a place where each of us becomes our true selves and in doing so raising the consciousness of all humanity.
Reading through, you begin to understand how we show up in the world, how we influences others. Every one of us knowingly or unknowingly plays a role in the shift in consciousness around the world. The Ancient Ones teach us that acceptance is the key to gaining mastery in life, as is compassion, wisdom and service. It’s up to us to make our mark in this time and space. Reading The Ancient Ones is simply a start to all you can be, for yourself, for others and for the world.” ~Wendy Fry, author of Find YOU, Find LOVE

Purchase your copy of Messages from The Ancient Ones: The First Five Years in paperback here >

Messages from The Ancient Ones

Since 2010 Stacey Stephens has channeled three non-physical beings whom we call The Ancient Ones. Their perspective is at once comforting and challenging, as they remind us of our true nature and divine purpose. Their messages are direct, clear and accessible to everyone. The Ancient Ones lovingly remind us to live as we are designed: intuitive, courageous, compassionate and interconnected with all of life.

This Weeks Message

Being of Assistance


The feeling of true fulfillment comes when we create well-being for everyone. Humans are social beings who feel the plight of others. We can never be truly happy when we know that others are in pain. Our empathy stimulates our compassion, which urges us to come to the assistance of those in need.

Open your heart to feel what is needed by those around you, and then participate in the most effective way possible to help alleviate their suffering. This type of action will lift your spirits to heights unimaginable.

Everyone is capable, in their own way, to uplift those in need. Be it material, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic assistance. Do what you can.

~ The Ancient Ones

Express As YOU: Celebrate Your UniquenessExpress As YOU: Celebrate Your Uniqueness

Strengthen your connection to your truest Self so you can live from there.

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Meet Jack and Stacey

Jack and Stacey StephensWhen we met in the Spring of 2010 we both knew that we had finally found our Soulmate.

Years before, Stacey had been directed from within what Jack would look like, where he’d be when they first laid eyes on each other, and even the 90-day window when they would meet. Jack had been cultivating his intuitive guidance and heard Stacey’s call. He traveled nearly 3,000 miles and crossed an ocean to reach her.

We founded Soul Self Living later that year and were married on the last day of Summer in 2011.

Today we are grateful to apply the wisdom of The Ancient Ones in our own lives and to assist others to become the embodiment of their Soul’s blueprint.

We are here to assist you to Awaken to the divine power within you, so you may co-create the life that fulfills your Soul’s purpose (blueprint) for incarnating here on Earth.

Enjoy the many resources we have here for your spiritual practice including messages from The Ancient Ones, our blog, and bookstore. We are here to be of service to you.

If you desire one-to-one support we invite you to take us up on a free Discovery Session. We provide our one-to-one services via phone or Skype to clients worldwide.

Soul Awakening, Healing and Coaching

Here’s What Some of Our Clients Have To Say

I have never experienced as devoted an adviser as Stacey. The depth of her preparation for our wholing work together exceeds that of any physician I have known. She is at heart a very crafty problem solver so like any dedicated practitioner she goes beyond the quick fix. As a human being she exudes a generosity of heart that has enough healing power alone to make the protocols themselves seem like they are free of charge. Don’t pass this one up.
Jim Channon LTC, MA, MS, MMAS, Hawaii, USA
Results of Stacey’s treatments have strengthened me to become a better “healer” by building my confidence in my own intuitive abilities. The work that I received has made me more perceptive to my patients “real problems” and treat them more effectively. This tool has been a great insight for my clinical practice and is something that is really missing in most healthcare clinics today, alternative or otherwise.
John Moody, D.C., Nevada, USA
I have known Jack for many years and can say from experience, both past and present, that working with him is a game changer! If you are someone with a desire to rise above your current conundrum and are ready for a loving, gentle and powerful assist you just landed in safe hands! I cannot recommend Jack enough!
Misty Stone, ThetaHealing with Misty Stone

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