Soul Self Living: Practical Wisdom for a Brighter Life

Inspire Your Life

Inspire Your LifeNatural, Soul-guided living is innate to every human being. Sometimes we need only be reminded of our inherent wisdom and interconnectedness with all of life. At other times, a different perspective gives us the clarity to move forward with effectiveness.

Remove Your Blocks

Remove Your BlocksVery often, a session with Stacey will give you renewed vitality, profound insights, and the practical steps you need to make lasting change.

Strengthen Your Practice

Strengthen-Your-PracticeYou’ve read Soul Self and now you are aware that the horse has been leading the rider in some aspects of your life. One to one coaching with Jack can help you get firmly in the saddle.

Jack and Stacey

We are Jack and Stacey Stephens, founders of Soul Self Living, a resource for ancient wisdom in the form of channeled messages, mind-body-spirit books, and personal assistance from experienced spiritual teachers.

We are here to assist you to Awaken to the divine power within you, so you may co-create the life that fulfills your Soul’s purpose (blueprint) for incarnating here on Earth.

We specialize in Soul Awakening, Soul Purpose Coaching, Healing with Energy, and Intuitive (Psychic) Readings. We provide our one-to-one coach and healer services via phone or Skype to clients worldwide.

We invite you to enjoy the many resources we have here for your spiritual practice including messages from The Ancient Ones, our blog and bookstore. Take a look at our services. We are here to be of service to you.

Our Happy Clients

I have never experienced as devoted an adviser as Stacey. The depth of her preparation for our wholing work together exceeds that of any physician I have known. She is at heart a very crafty problem solver so like any dedicated practitioner she goes beyond the quick fix. As a human being she exudes a generosity of heart that has enough healing power alone to make the protocols themselves seem like they are free of charge. Don’t pass this one up.
Jim Channon LTC, MA, MS, MMAS, Hawaii, USA
Jack is a gifted guide who leads with respect and compassion. He is able to balance emotional intensity with a great sense of humor. I have only felt supportive intention from Jack in our work together, and rely on our work together to experience my own highest intentions.
Mike C., Gemini nominated actor, Toronto, Canada
Stacey has not only assisted me in my spiritual journey, but has corrected many of my energetic problems (stemming from the experiences of my youth) that were effecting my well being and my perception of the present. Results of her treatments have also strengthened me to become a better “healer” by building my confidence in my own intuitive abilities. The work that I received has made me more perceptive to my patients “real problems” and treat them more effectively.
J. Moody III, Doctor of Chiropractic, Nevada, USA
Jack, when working with you one on one last week, I felt initially that during our session I would receive clear, cut and dry answers to questions of my life’s direction. What I took away from that meeting, however, was something much more meaningful and transformative: A “consciousness tool kit” that not only would help me with what I am facing currently, but with any situation I may encounter. Within the next few days, I completely let go of worry about decisions I felt I had to make soon, and instead began to focus on being present, recognizing and confronting my ego, and taking full responsibility for my life and relationships. Out of that inner work has come very clear signs and answers…exciting changes that my gut and heart will not allow me to question! Thank you so very much!
Justin H., California, USA
Stacey is a gifted healer. When she holds a session, her personality energy matrix steps aside and she becomes a clear channel for the appropriate energy frequencies that shift awareness into a deep place of healing. At the same time she receives intuitive information that is supportive and nurturing. I highly recommend her for deep personal transformation.
B. H., Reiki Master, Idaho, USA
Before I met Jack I had struggled groping my way toward an understanding for a reason of my own existence for so many years. Although I had received much guidance from spiritual teachers, healers, and medical intuitives, my appetite for the knowledge was not quite satisfied. A couple of days after my first private session with Jack I noticed there was a shift that had occurred inside of me. It was quiet yet fundamental. The shift was that my awareness finally started waking up out of a long doze. This change has opened up my perception. With support from Jack I’m reaching to my life long desire to become a whole person to fulfill my destiny.
S. Nakamura, Bestselling Author, Tokyo, Japan
My son Chad, age 21, fell down a 150 foot cliff. He was in a coma for four months when Stacey began to work with him. Within two weeks he began talking and could remember everyone. His mind and body continue to improve daily. We are so grateful to have found this marvelous healer.
Mindy Lippmeier, Illinois, USA
I struggle when I try to describe my experience with Jack because it was interactive, transforming, and life altering. I felt transformation deeply in my soul – healing both mental thought processes and issues held in the cells of my body. I have been functioning from a higher level of clarity ever since.
S.A., Oregon, USA
It is truly remarkable the clarity that Stacey exhibits in her work. She is able to ‘see’ into a person with great accuracy and assist them in the transformation needed to create a healing. It is my honor to recommend her to you.
Marshall Calvert, M.A., L.M.T., R.Ht., Missouri, USA
Jack has done so much of his own inner work, it is obvious that both the masculine and feminine energies have integrated and allow him to hold such a loving, holistic space for others to become their average selves.
D.S., Texas, USA
Stacey is one of those special people who were born with the gift of extended sight. Her work has been very helpful and important to me on multiple levels and in many areas of my life. Having experience with a number of clairvoyants over the years, and having developed my own inner sight, I have reference points from which to base my opinion of Stacey’s work. I consider it to be excellent.
Al DiMarco, Tokyo, Japan
I have repeatedly experienced a deeper clarity when looking at self-limiting thoughts and habits when Jack was present to hold an open and clear spacial reference with me. He has an unusual gift of being able to facilitate with ease and gentleness the opening into expanded Self Awareness. It is accomplished in such a subtle way that it seems effortless and yet profoundly revealing. I have treasured my time with Jack, clearing self-limiting illusions about myself. A number of friends that I regard as having cultivated subtle awareness have come away from sessions and workshops with Jack all singing his praises, and amusingly, all of them including myself, would have a difficult time explaining what it is that Jack “does”! I’ve highly recommended Jack a number of times and have only heard good things from those I have referred. You will find him very insightful and graceful.
Chikur H., Oregon, USA
We should be truly honored to experience the presence of this enlightened spiritual being in our midst, whose only reason for sharing this dimensional experience is to help humanity to elevate itself to the light, and recognize that I AM that I AM in each one of us.
Rev. Holly Aurora MacDonald, M.H.H. (Master of Holistic Health), Nevada, USA

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How to Awaken Your Soul: A Demonstration by Stacey Stephens

Stacey Stephens, Bestselling Author and Soul Awakener, demonstrates one way to awaken your Soul so that you can express as YOU and live your purpose.