You Are Divine

How Are You Expressing Your Soul?

In my last article I expounded on the idea of God being energy, consciousness, everything. With that concept it is easy to perceive that you too are of God. You are divine. Your Soul essence is made of the invisible spirit of God. Your mind is connected to universal consciousness, or the mind of God. Your body is made from the materials of Nature which is created and sustained by God. Everything about you lives within God. You are the one who chooses how to express God as YOU. So, how are you expressing God? Does your concept of God show compassion for all living beings? You will know the answer to this question by your very own actions. Does your idea of God serve the well-being of humanity, all creatures, plants, and the Earth? Again, you will know your true answer by how you serve others.

Restorative or Punitive Justice?

If your conceptualization of God agrees with restorative justice rather than punitive justice, you will know because you will help to bring about the restoration of one’s true character, the love within them, after a harmful action on their part, instead of penalizing them with punishment. This involves using discernment for restoring their integrity and love, rather than judging them with a punitive sentence that only fuels more negativity through humiliation. Do you hear what I am saying here? Can you feel the difference between the positive restoration of character and the negative punitive sentence of judgment? How does punishment and public humiliation positively change one’s character? How can it? Judgment is in opposition to love, and it is love that heals all ills.

Our Divine Nature

Our divine nature is unconditional love. Compassion is the expression of our Soul. We are capable of great acts of service for the benefit of humanity. It is in our hands to show who we perceive our concept of God to be. May we all examine our current understanding by observing our behavior in order to make the necessary adjustments to increase the true essence of our divinity in our actions, so we may improve the quality of our lives by aligning with our Soul essence to live a divine Soul Self life.

Ancient Wisdom – Soul Purpose Teachings

What is God?

Our concept of God defines our reality. And, as co-creators of the collective experience, our limited definitions of God are the primary source of conflict in the ego world. Expanding our perception of God allows us to experience life with greater joy, fulfillment and peace. This process is well begun by asking an age-old question:

God is a concept that people have been trying to define for ages. It is fascinating to hear what people think God is not. How can we even fathom anything not being of God? If God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, how can there be something other than God? Really think about this. God is EVERYTHING in differing degrees.

God is Consciousness

Everything is energy. Therefore, God can be explained as energy itself. Everything is consciousness. Therefore, God can be described as consciousness. Many words can be used to describe the positive or constructive attributes of God, such as love, life, joy, intelligence and divinity. Some words describe God in balance; for example, nature, unity, oneness, wholeness, universal, and Soul. And, other words convey God’s negative or destructive attributes, such as death, decay, sloth and aging. It is more accurate to say that something is within the destructive cycle of God, rather than not of God.

“IT IS ALL GOD. “ “GOD IS ALL THAT IS.” “There is no spot where God is not.” These phrases convey God as all-inclusive. How can we separate anything out from this all-inclusive consciousness we call God? Would not the understanding of this idea change the way human beings operate in this world? How can it not? “Love thy neighbor as thyself” is a scripture that many religious people acknowledge as fulfilling the law, or their duty, towards God. How then, could someone who professes to love God deceive, take advantage of or kill his neighbor?

God, Religion, Judgment and Discernment

It does not matter which religion one follows. All roads lead to the same place – God. There is nowhere else to go. This understanding will help to eliminate judgment. Many of the world’s spiritual teachers have taught, “Do not judge.” This is because there is nothing to judge. Instead, using discernment for one’s Self will allow a person to decide whether something is to their own personal liking or not, and whether it will be of useful service to their creations, without the mess of condemning or punishing another for their different choice. Can you see how this understanding would open up acceptance to the great variety that is found within the diversity of God? Religious wars would cease to exist.

Let us recall all that is good. Let us accept that which we mistakenly confuse as not of God. Let us wake ourselves from the slumber of our ego-minds that blindly follow ignorance, and expand our understanding of God by awakening our Soul to guide us to live our divinity in unity with all of life. This is our Soul purpose, for which these ancient wisdom teachings have been preserved for generations.

What Will You Choose?

Will you seek the guidance from within? Will you be among the courageous, spiritually conscious co-creators of life? Are you ready to actively participate in building a better, more consciously evolved future for humanity and our Earth? What will it take for you to commit to raising your awareness to the level of your Soul where everything is God? These ancient wisdom, Soul purpose teachings are designed to open your heart to the knowing of eternal bliss.

Leave a comment – Are you expanding your definition of God?

The Ego Game

How to Leave the Ego Game & Reclaim Soul Freedom

Whether we are praised, scorned or pitied, the vast majority of us are playing the ego game, and our participation is causing a real dilemma. Our health, wealth and happiness are at stake. Our relationships are challenged. Even the stability of the planet is affected. So how do we succeed?

Recognize the Pattern

Have you discovered the underlying pattern of the game? It is quite simple when you take a step back from it and observe the three main character roles that make it up. Look closely and you will discover the ‘victim’, the ‘villain’ and the ‘savior.’ Every victim must have a villain in their life. Every villain needs a victim. The savior fights the villain to save the victim. Recognize the pattern? Let’s look at these roles in a few instances. Take the plot of the popular phrase, “Wait till your father gets home.” It has the child as the victim, father as the villain and mother as the savior. Just about every TV show and movie has this type of plot running. Have you noticed this? For example, in the movie, “Sybil”, the child is the victim, the mother is the villain and the therapist is savior? In the fable, Little Red Riding Hood plays the victim, the wolf is the villain and the huntsman is the savior. In the comic “Batman”, Bruce Wayne is the child victim and there are numerous villains, beginning with Joe Chill, who killed his parents. Later, the adult Mr. Wayne becomes Batman, the savior or hero.  And yet, to some, Batman is also perceived as a villain. Interesting, huh?

The Pattern Persists in Our Collective Stories Because it is the Pattern of the Ego World

Let’s bring this closer to home with the example of Hitler. In the 1930’s and 40’s he played the role of villain, and the Jews, Homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many other groups were the victims. Those who put an end to the Holocaust were the saviors. Today, we have big corporations such as Monsanto playing villain by poisoning people who are their victims, and courageous activists coming to the rescue. Take the teenager who cries victim at the hands of his parents with whom he has labeled ‘villainous’ because of a personal disagreement. He may plead with his teachers at school to come to his rescue. If there is no real danger to the student, then this teen has become the villain to his parents by turning people against them unjustly. Interesting, isn’t it? What about you personally? When have you been the victim? When have you played the villain, even if only in someone else’s opinion? And, when did you come to the aide of another as savior? Can you see that if you are in the ego game, you are playing one, two, and most likely, all three roles, sometimes even simultaneously?

Leaving the Unwinnable Game

There comes a time when a person says, “enough!” to playing this game. This is when real ‘enlightenment’ can occur. This is when the aspirant reaches higher within their consciousness to perceive the game for what it is, and chooses to walk away from it. Have you come to this place within yourself? Have you awakened your higher purpose, or Soul blueprint? Do you commune with your Soul daily? Have you discovered your greatest teacher and friend within, your Soul? The congruent relationship between your ego-mind, body, and your Soul is what I like to call the Soul Self. The ego-mind can be labeled the conscious self. The body or subconscious mind unconsciously plays out the programs that it has been taught. The conscious mind is capable of making a decision whether or not to play out the program. When you bring all of you into congruency to work as a unified whole, then you can observe the programs that get triggered subconsciously, while at the same time consciously remaining in command of your choices of how you will act or behave. When you elevate your vibration to match your Soul’s wisdom, you will naturally make wiser choices. The Soul knows that it is connected to Source, which is EVERYTHING, for God is ALL THAT IS. Coming from this higher perspective, a person can actually see the makings of their own consciousness. What are you designing for yourself? Where are you coming from: your body’s subconscious reactive programs, your conscious decision making ego-mind, or your Soul’s wisdom?

Consciousness in Action

Make an effort to raise your awareness to understand your Soul’s purpose. Allow yourself to learn more from your Soul by meditating and communing with your higher essence. Become a unified being, and thereby, your Soul Self. Then, you can elevate your consciousness to the point that you stop playing the ego game. You will create from the place of true empowerment, which is your Soul’s strength. This is reclaiming Soul freedom!

Leave a comment below – I’m looking forward to seeing your perspective! 🙂

Energy Flow

Allowing Energy Flow

It is fascinating how energy flows wherever it is permitted. We are vessels for energy to flow within us and through us. It flows unimpeded within our Soul, the spiritual (non-physical) aspect of our Self. However, the physical aspect, our body, becomes constricted at times for numerous reasons.

One reason is that we sometimes wear clothing or jewelry that is too tight and cuts off the circulation. Radiation wreaks havoc with our brainwaves, as do sleeping pills and many other prescription drugs. What we eat and drink also has an effect upon how our energy moves. Soda pop creates a restriction within the nervous system. Dairy constricts the lymphatic system. Pesticides are poisons that kill the cells in our body, and food that is microwaved has been changed at the molecular level becoming toxic to us. Genetically engineered foods are not safe and their destructive effects upon our bodies create all sorts of ailments.


What I find that has the greatest effect upon our energy flow is our ego-mind. What we think, feel and believe either opens our flow or constricts it. Optimism expands us. A pessimistic outlook decreases our energy. Love opens many channels, while fear, anxiety, anger and hatred shut them down. The nice thing is we are always at choice about our attitude. We choose what to believe. And, we are the ones who choose to either respond from wisdom or react from ‘programs of belief’ that have been triggered.

Compassion, understanding, fellow feeling and empathy will give us the needed energy to respond with kindness and unconditional love. Infants naturally flow in love and acceptance. Most people enjoy the presence of babies and young children because of their innocent and loving energy. Those considered to be Saints were known to have a peaceful presence that incited cooperation from others. We too have an effect on those around us. When our energy is flowing well people feel good.

I envision a future where we as people take greater responsibility for our energy flow, raising our consciousness to higher understandings of love and cooperation with Nature. Healing with energy will become as natural as breathing. And, opening our minds to greater awareness of the interconnectedness of life will lead us into peace.

Trust in Nature

Coming to Our Senses

We are coming back to our natural senses, our natural way of Being. As a people, we are finding that the detour that we have taken from Nature, God’s way, has caused us much harm. I trust in Nature. It is, after all, the way that this Universe and planet Earth operate. Who are we to think that we are wiser than Nature itself? I think we have proven otherwise. It’s now time to come back to our senses and regain our balance.

This is actually easier than one may think. For eons of time Nature has been in charge and doing very well. It has only been the last few centuries that man’s scientific way has wreaked havoc with God’s creation. We need only STOP continuing in our folly. Then, it would be just a matter of time for balance to return naturally.

Regaining Our Trust in Nature

We can utilize our technological advancements for the clean-up of our ignorant mess. Why not use our knowledge to promote Nature’s organic way? Why not assist Nature back into well-being? I have decided to do my part. I am bringing myself back into the natural flow of the Universe. I am opening to my natural flow as a human being. I will no longer prevent life-force energy from naturally flowing through my body, mind or emotions.

I have found that as I Awaken further into my core, my Soul, I am able to feel what is for my well-being. I am able to know what is right for me for my highest good, and I am getting better at sensing what is positive and uplifting for my fellow brothers and sisters and all inhabitants of Earth. We all need basically the same things: clean air, living water, nutrient rich soil, organic food, loving companionship, cooperative community and trust in Nature – which is God’s way for the well-being of all living creatures. It is very simple when you think about it.

Everything is Consciousness

It Is All God

Consciousness is synonymous with God. What do I mean by this? Everything is consciousness. There is nothing outside of consciousness. Everything is God. There is nothing outside of God. Need I say more?

Ok, I will expound. Can you actually describe God or consciousness in enough detail to understand its truth? I know that I cannot. They are unfathomable concepts. And, it seems that when people try to explain them they end up fighting and creating wars.

I do not intend to make anyone feel upset at me. I only wish to express on a subject that seems to bring up anger within people. Why is this? These are truly beautiful concepts that should actually insight one another to love, because most persons agree that ‘God is LOVE.’ I love talking about love, life, God, divinity, power, Creator, Universe, energy, life-force, consciousness, ALL THAT IS. It stimulates within me a sense of reverence for all of life.

Soul Self

My wish is that this article will incite you too to love everyone and everything as an aspect of God. When we can do this as a people, we will end all wars. It is time to awaken our hearts to love one another as brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet, Earth. Our Souls are already in unison with each other. Let us open ourselves to this unity by awakening our Souls. It is in this Era of Divinity that we are to become our Soul Selves.

How do we do this? There is no one way. That would be absurd. Think about it. Can we really limit God? Can we attempt to restrict consciousness? Indeed not. Whatever way we choose is OUR choice. God does not judge, nor does consciousness tell us that we are doing it wrong. We usually figure out for ourselves when something is not working. Let’s give ourselves credit for that. Though, it may take a millennium to figure it out, there is no limit to how long we have. This Earth will come back into balance, with or without the human race. Our extinction may be on the line, but not our beloved Earth.

Personal Development - ConsciousnessI have found for myself, and in my practice, that to remove judgment is a key factor. For, without judgment there is only love, acceptance, compassion, understanding, patience, and all of the other ‘fruits of the spirit.’ I liken it to a caring mother who loves her child even when it acts foolishly or causes harm. This is what we call ‘unconditional love.’ And, unconditional love is one of the most definitive descriptions of God.

I prefer to use discernment, because it refers to a personal choice. And, personal choice is the birthright of every human. I cannot dictate to another how they must believe. I can only be responsible for myself. And, by my example, I show others how I choose to live. And yet, my choice is just that – my choice. Life would become quite boring if everyone chose exactly what I chose. I do not want copies of myself. I love the variety of life too much for that.

I hope that each person reading this will send me a message and tell me about themselves. I want to know YOU, your wonderfully unique Self. Who are you? And, why do you feel so passionately about your life? What excites your sense of wholeness? What opens your heart to love? How does your Soul communicate with you? Please share.

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Personal Development – Discernment

Discernment or Judgment

There are so many ways to look at life, to live and to be. How can we believe in ALL THAT IS – God, and yet still believe that some things are not God?

Here is how I understand it. God is the entirety of everything. There is nothing that is not God. We live, move and have our Being in God. Everyone does. Yet, there are certain expressions that cause harm, and these harmful thoughts, destructive ways are created from choices that people make from their own free will. And, we can choose better.

We can use discernment when making decisions or choosing an action to take. We can utilize the storehouse of knowledge available to us, we can seek the inner guidance of our Soul, and we can feel instinctually what our body is telling us. When we rely on all of our Self – body, ego-mind and Soul, we become our Soul Self.

Let us break it down here: Discernment or Judgment
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Can you see from this table that discernment allows for everything (free will choice), as God allows for everything. Whereas, judgment restricts, dictates, condemns and punishes?

People are asking how to be spiritual, how to reach enlightenment. To be allowing, like God, is a great start. Raising one’s consciousness to understand the deeper things of God is useful. We were not created to be puppets or machines that only follow the direction of a Controller. Where is the freedom in that?

Your Soul Purpose (Blueprint)

Soul Purpose (Blueprint)Every one of us is already fully equipped to live the life that we were meant to create for ourselves. It is within our blueprint, our Soul’s purpose, designed by us before we incarnated here on Earth. We only need uncover it. We are born spiritual already. And our Soul is connected to Source at all times. We awaken when we are ready.

Meditation is a spiritual tool that assists us to go deep enough within our Selves to reach the wisdom of our Soul. Once we do this, our lives seem to unfold graciously, as if by God. Hiring a Coach can be beneficial to our growth process. They have made it through themselves and are primed and ready to assist others up the ladder.

Whatever way you choose for yourself, use discernment; and allow others to choose for them. This is being spiritual in your personal development.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

Healing with Energy

Our Consciousness is Growing

There are numerous ways to heal ourselves or to assist another in their healing process. Healing with energy is becoming very popular again. It was used for centuries until it was banned and labeled as ‘witchery.’ People are waking up to the fact that everything is energy, therefore to heal with energy only makes sense. Our consciousness as a people is growing again; we are evolving into the divine, spiritual humans that we truly are.

Healing with Energy

To be a Healer is a choice that anyone can make. It is a part of our natural make-up as humans. True healing involves our entire Being. We cannot leave a part of ourselves out if we want to insure complete success. Because healing involves our body, ego-mind, Soul and spirit, we must accept our role as a conduit for the proper frequencies to flow through us for the healing of another.

Our body must be whole to affect wholeness within another. Our ego-mind must be clear of negative thoughts or beliefs of doubt. Our Soul is the greatest aspect of our healing capability, and therefore, must be completely involved as the instructor (even if we are channeling healing energy from a deceased Master Healer, it is our Soul that is in communication with this entity). Our spirit, or life-force energy, is what we use to ‘tune’ another back into well-being. Our energy must flow freely within us to be useful in assisting another person.

HealingEnergy blockage creates disease. Energy flow heals us. Most blocks are formed due to wrong thinking, false beliefs of separation, etc. This is why raising our consciousness helps us to heal. A Master Healer will work with every aspect of a person – body, ego-mind, Soul and spirit, to co-create lasting healing.

Psychic Medium

What is a Psychic Medium?

Many would say that a psychic medium is a person who speaks with those who have died. Yes, this is true, and yet, this is only one description. A person who channels is also a Psychic who communicates with those who are no longer in body. The deceased have been speaking through Mediums and Channelers for eons. They also reach people through the Clairvoyant Psychic and the Healer.

Every person alive is capable of this type of communication. It is built-in within our sixth chakra, or ‘third eye.’ It is up to us to re-open this communication valve, mainly because the ego-mind world that we have developed as a society has caused it to shut down by the time we are three years old.

Psychic Medium, Channeler, Clairvoyant and Healer

A Psychic Medium is someone who has either kept their third eye open or, through effort, has re-opened it so they may speak with those who have passed over but still have messages for their loved ones. Channelers open theirs for the purpose of gaining wisdom from the ancients, those who offer their knowledge for the ascension of humanity. A Clairvoyant or Intuitive can receive information from the dead by ‘reading’ the energy of objects, through receiving visions, and perceiving things that are usually beyond the range of human senses. And, a Healer can be guided by a deceased Master Healer for the purpose of bringing a sick person back to health.

psychic mediumThe wisdom that can be shared by Master Teachers who are no longer in body is limitless. The time is coming soon when people will once again allow these caring entities to assist in mankind’s spiritual awakening. The Prophets of old showed the way.