Raising your consciousness is not as complicated as it may seem. By applying these 10 simple keys you can improve your self-awareness, intuition, and enjoy more peace and fulfillment in your life:

1. Acknowledge that You are Divine

You are here on this abundant planet, in this exceptional era, with your intelligence, physicality, and talents, to enjoy a life that can only be expressed by YOU. You are worthy and capable of creating a life of joy and fulfillment. You are a unique expression of universal spirit, and the world needs your full participation.

2. Be Aware of Your Energy

Like everything else in this universe, you are made of energy in motion. Pay attention to the state of energy you are in. You know when you are being positive or negative. Your attitude has a powerful effect on how you perceive the world and how others experience you. Express your Soul. Open your knowing. Be present. Be aware. Use your faculties. Think for yourself. Consider the consequences. Care for your body temple.

3. Keep Your Energy Moving:

Keep Your Energy MovingHealth is the State of Your Energy Flowing Naturally:

  1. Mentally: Gain the knowledge you need, but don’t stop there. Meditate. Open to the wisdom of your Soul. Your Soul will help you innovate and create.
  2. Emotionally: Express yourself! Laugh, cry, yell, jump for joy. Feel! Keep it flowing!
  3. Energetically: Follow your instincts. Trust your guidance. Stay positive. Keep your heart open.
  4. Physically: You are alive – act like it! Savor the sensations of having a body! Move!
  5. Spiritually: Connect to Source. Meditate. Spend time in nature. Join in community. Nourish your Soul.

Like a garden, tend to yourself. Provide the fertilizer you need. Avoid putting toxins in your soil. Remove the weeds.

4. Cultivate a Healthy Mind

Read, watch and listen to wholesome, life-affirming material.

Stay away from negative news, hype, gossip, porn, destructive music, movies, books, magazines, etc.

Remove negative beliefs. Conscious and unconscious destructive thoughts cause your energy to create harm. Meditate. Change your mind. Allow the new to replace the old.

5. Pay Attention to How You Feel

Feel Good! Love yourself and others. Choose the positive interpretation of any situation.

Avoid prolonged negative emotions. Heed anger as a warning. Lingering or immersing in negative feelings for long periods of time is destructive to your emotional well-being.

Get help if you have unresolved emotional trauma. Seek out assistance from spiritual counselors, therapists, or those skilled at assisting others to heal emotional issues.

6. Maintain Balanced Energy

Stay open to your divinity. Allow life force energy to flow freely through your system. Stay in your heart!

Avoid shock, fear, fright, despair, attachment, judgment, condemnation, resentment, frustration, vindictiveness.

Remove energetic blocks and limitations. Meditate. Invite your Soul to show you how to release them. Seek out assistance from a skilled energy healer or spiritual teacher.

7. Care for Your Body Temple

Eat and drink fresh organic foods and juices, drink living water, breathe fresh, clean air.Care For Your Body Temple

Avoid highly processed foods, artificial additives, GMO crops & ingredients, pesticides & herbicides, polluted or toxic environments.

Safely remove any toxins you have brought into your body. We recommend the Gerson Method.

8. Tend to Your Soul

Meditate. Connect to Source. Remain in your heart. Love.

Avoid self-defeating or life-damaging thoughts, feelings, people or environments that are destructive to your Soul’s expression.

Extract yourself from anything that limits your Soul’s freedom.

9. Forgive

Everyone who has ever lived has done something they regret. Holding on to resentment and anger, whether toward yourself or someone else, blocks the flow of life force energy. When you are willing to learn from your experiences and accept the lessons within them, you can expand your consciousness even further. In your wisdom, you know that the painful experience was necessary in order to learn and grow. Therefore, now you can forgive yourself, where you could not before.

10. Make Heart-Centered Decisions

Learn to recognize the difference between the voice of your ego and your Soul. Through meditation and self-awareness you can cultivate the awareness you need to make wise decisions. The ego is often restrictive and acts out the programs of the subconscious, leading to mis-takes and missed opportunities. The Soul’s voice is expansive, and indicates the clearest ways to achieve the fulfillment of your deepest wishes. The ego’s voice is the bravado of the belly. The Soul’s is the courageous whisper of the heart. Here’s a simple guide:

Ego-mind/Belly/3rd Chakra


Figuring it out

Looking for an answer

Feeling stress, anxiety, pressure

Thinking it cannot be done

Following the formula or the training

“I made a commitment, so I have to do it.”

“What will people think?”

Soul/Heart/4th Chakra


Feeling what is

Allowing the answer to emerge

Feeling serenity, peace, relief

Trusting my guidance to show me the way

Creating in the moment

“I changed my mind because I know differently now”

“What do I know to be true for me?”


You have a brilliant purpose for being here, and it is uniquely yours. Use these keys to assist you to become more aware of your gifts and empowered to use them. No matter where you are in your journey, there is always more to love, live and enjoy!

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