Soul Authority

Your Soul Authority

If you have chosen to live your life for yourself, we commend you for this choice. This is what we have to offer to everyone that listens to us: to be your own authority. We’ll give you the analogy of a train. Each individual is their own engine and when two people come together, they join their trains, their engines, to form one individual train. And when they have children, those children follow the train, and a family is one train, until the child develops and is their own engine, and chooses to leave the nest. Each adult child is searching for another train to join with theirs to form one train, two engines, and to begin another family.

The issue that most people have come across is that they are not their own engine. There have been religions set up to be the engine for the people. Everyone becomes a caboose and they follow the engine of the religion; they lose their authority. The government has set itself up as an engine, an authority over the people, and then people become cabooses, and they follow the engine, the train of the government. It is not meant to be for anyone to be in authority over you, unless you are a very small child, incapable of thinking for yourself, and choosing for yourself.

Even young children, by the time they are five, they know how to think for themselves, they know how to function, they know how to feed themselves, dress themselves, they know what they like and what they do not like. And if they are taught correctly, they are taught to develop their own engine, and yet their engine joins in with the family and they go in the same direction. And when that child reaches an age, which is usually the later years of their teen years, they are able to stand on their own, break away from the family train, and form their own.

This is something to be encouraged, but there are issues among many families, when the parents do not want to let go of their children, or they have not taught their children how to be their own engine, and they have created children that are forever children, relying upon their parents. This is dysfunctional. This is the way society has been perpetuating itself, with many, many people in authority over another.

We are asking you to think for yourself. We are promoting Self authority, and we are showing you how you are to have one authority in your life and that is the authority of your Soul. And when you place your Soul as your authority you will act in wisdom, you will have clear thinking; you will feel what is right for you and what is not. And you will develop your will power to follow the guidance of your Soul, which will choose highest good for all, because the Soul is connected to all Souls. There’s a saying that there is only one Soul and that Soul is God. We would say it differently, but that does work.

There is one Source, THE ALL. And out of that one Source, or within that one Source, there are multitudes that have chosen to incarnate in other forms. We call them Souls, and each Soul has its own agenda. Never is one Soul to ask another Soul to sacrifice for them. And yet this is the problem that humanity has been experiencing. False loyalty, to the family, to religion, to government, and we would like to help you awaken to see that anytime you give up your authority, you are harming yourself. Anytime you ask someone else to give up their own authority, you are asking them to harm themselves. Why would you want to do this?

There will come a time when everyone on earth recognizes their own inner authority. There will come a time, on this planet Earth, when everyone lives for themselves. And, in so doing they will find that they end up living for everyone else also, in a manner that brings prosperity and abundance, true happiness and joy to every living creature. It is and/both. You live for yourself and the all. The only way you can live for the all is to live for yourself, there can be no other way. This is a concept that is challenging for most people because they are taught to sacrifice themselves and to live under someone else’ authority. Even children are raised to obey their parents. We say, rather than obey your parents, obey yourself, listen within. And if your parent is wrong, respectfully let them know. Share with them courageously the proper way if you know it. Show by example that you have your own inner authority, and that your desire is not to upset their concept of family, but if they are wrong, they are wrong.

Nobody owns another, no parent owns a child, no mate owns their partner, and government does not own its people, neither does religion or religious leaders. Everyone is their individual Self. They come in for their individual purpose, and yet that purpose is for the whole. We will share with you many concepts to assist you to understand this. For now, we would like for you to focus on yourself as being an engine within your train. If you are single, you are your own train. If you are a couple, then you join engines to become one train. And if you are a family, then you are many engines, but still one train.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.