A Life Well Lived

A Life Well Lived

It is with great wonder that a child finds him or herself as a part of the human race. When they are guided lightly and encouraged to explore what they find as their delight, they often will achieve remarkable feats due to their unlimited imagination. No one has yet squelched their enthusiasm or controlled their thinking. Jesus said that one must be as a little child in order to understand the ways of God. Open your mind to experience more than you were taught and allow children to expand their knowledge through experimentation and inner listening. They still have a great deal of humility and are not yet “know-it-alls”.

Time is available for people to experience all kinds of ways of living. Search for yourself what you would prefer to create as your life. When you are sure of your choice, then go for it! This expenditure of energy will ignite more passion as you see and feel the results of your desire. Joy will be a natural by-product of your quest. This is true living.

Be daring! When you do not need the approval of others, when you do not have to dampen your enthusiasm to avoid offending another, when you no longer buy into the false idea of a wrathful deity, then you can soar above the clouds of old ideas, and you can run past the antiquated ways of tradition. Find your passion and begin to fully live the life of your choosing. Click To Tweet It is up to you to feel your truth, to decide your future and then to act on your inner guidance to bring it about for yourself.

Your innate nature is good. Trust your desire for everyone else to experience happiness. Competition is a learned practice. Scarcity is a misinterpretation of the proper formula, which is circulation. As long as there is circulation there is no lack. Fear causes a slowing down of the flow, greed creates a hoarding and stops the flow, but keeping the flow going will overcome the dilemma of lack. For example, to continue building houses from wood one must replant the trees in order to have the resources for the next allotment of houses. To continue anything one must replenish that which has been used. This is circulation.

Exercise your inner knowing. Practice listening to your true desires. Take the time necessary to get to know yourself, your likes and what ignites your passion. Make the needed changes in your circumstances that will bring you more joy and fulfillment in your life. Take responsibility for designing the life that you truly desire to live. It is all up to you. Begin now and continue each and every day. What is your idea of a life well lived? Decide, and then go for it!

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.