Activation of Blueprint

Activation of Blueprint

The activation of one’s blueprint is what occurs when we find our true purpose for this incarnation. It is simple, really. How can we deny ourselves of the reason we were born? This would only lead to disappointment, disillusionment and depression. Are you feeling any of these feelings now? Are you unsure of your proper role as a human being? We would like to offer assistance.

Ask deep within yourself what feels right to you. What would create a sense of fulfillment and joy in your life? Are you living your life on purpose? Do you have a plan? Does it cover all of your needs and desires? Are you willing to do the work necessary to accomplish it? Do you get up each morning with enthusiasm to get started? Does it have enough pizzazz to keep your focus? Do you feel it is attainable?

If you are having doubts, spend more time alone. Develop a dialog with your Soul and ask for more guidance. Ask for ways to strengthen your faith in the goodness of life. Ask your Soul to reveal to you how you can improve your attitude. Become a master asker. Your Soul has all of the answers to your questions, and will gladly share them with you. All you need is to have a listening ear.

How can you serve your Soul? How can you promote better living for humanity? What can you do to bring balance back to planet Earth? How can you make a difference in this world? Service is the key. Whenever we serve the highest good of another, we serve the highest good of all. Your blueprint will be 50% the same as all human beings. That is, we are all here to co-create joy, well-being, abundance and camaraderie.

The other 50% is unique to you. This is where you will find your passion. This is what excites your Soul. Search within your memory banks to uncover the times when you felt completely alive. What brought you a feeling of true and lasting satisfaction? When did you ignite your enthusiasm so greatly that you lost track of time? These are clues to where your attention should go for these are the things that wake you from your slumber. Wake yourself up with the fire within your Soul. Your blueprint will burn bright when it is activated. Click To Tweet

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.