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It is fascinating to us how often people tend to have a negative anticipation for their life circumstances. This shows us that most people do not understand their personal role in the development of their own life situation.

Worry is a negative anticipation. Fear is a negative anticipation. Doubt is also a negative anticipation.

Turn these into positive anticipation with the proper understanding of the principles that co-create your experience and you will gain confidence and certitude in your ability to create a more positive outcome for yourself.

Life is designed by YOU, along with your peers. Learn to a greater degree about your own role in your life’s design. Take a greater responsibility for the thoughts you harbor and the feelings you feed. Change your perception from life being against you to life being for you. Recreate your life experience a little each day with affirmative ideas. Learn to anticipate exactly what you feel, and then learn to feel better.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Soul Awakener, Healer, Purpose Coach, Psychic Medium, Seer, Teacher, Channel & Bestselling Author Stacey Stephens.