Underneath the multitude of masks, defenses, suppressions, repressions, prejudices, and pretenses is the essence of a person. This untouched essence endeavors to show itself through the cracks and openings of the ego personality. Tenderness, compassion and generosity are its true nature.

Our presence is felt by everyone around us. They either feel a restricted flow held back by limiting belief systems, or a sense of grace, where fellow feeling and appreciation exude from our energy field. It is our true nature to be kind and considerate. It is our deep desire to lift others up with our passion for life.

There is no need for a formal education to understand true human nature. Sometimes it is easier to know our inner truth without the constraints of the current education or indoctrination systems. Truth is relative, knowledge is incomplete, and tradition is holding on to a past that is meant to be transformed.

Enter into your natural flow by allowing your inner guidance, your Soul, to share with you that which truly brings you joy and ignites your passion for living. Feel your way through life. Is an idea or action causing a constricted flow to your energy, or do you feel expanded and fully alive? Learn to follow what feels hopeful, beautiful, loving, kind, compassionate, and free. Click To Tweet

Your purpose in life is to uncover your Self, and revel in your very BEING.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.