From “Sustainable” to “Regenerative”

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This week Jack participated in an engaging conversation with the organizers of an upcoming event for sustainability entrepreneurs, sponsored by one of his favorite online groups of conscious business leaders. A profound shift happened in the group when Jack and others suggested that "sustainability" is no longer the leading edge of our collective consciousness. Rather, [...]

In Harmony with Spirit

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[modalsurvey id="1263850767" style="flat" align="center" textalign="center" width="50%" visible="false" message="You already filled out this survey!"] We were just reading through this weeks message from The Ancient Ones, Harmonize with Spirit, while preparing this post and read: "Overwhelm is a sign of imbalance." Wow. That's a very clear statement. Overwhelm is a feeling that many of us struggle [...]

Masculine Feminine Balance

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What do Superman, Yoda, Mary Poppins and Dumbledore have in common? Besides all being heroes and heroines in movies, they have each mastered their masculine-feminine balance. They combine the qualities of strength and caring. They are powerful, loving and wise. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. The Key to Health and [...]

10 Keys to Raising Your Consciousness

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Raising your consciousness is not as complicated as it may seem. By applying these 10 simple keys you can improve your self-awareness, intuition, and enjoy more peace and fulfillment in your life: Acknowledge that You are Divine You are here on this abundant planet, in this exceptional era, with your intelligence, physicality, and talents, to [...]

You Are Divine

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How Are You Expressing Your Soul? In my last article I expounded on the idea of God being energy, consciousness, everything. With that concept it is easy to perceive that you too are of God. You are divine. Your Soul essence is made of the invisible spirit of God. Your mind is connected to universal [...]

Ancient Wisdom – Soul Purpose Teachings

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What is God?Our concept of God defines our reality. And, as co-creators of the collective experience, our limited definitions of God are the primary source of conflict in the ego world. Expanding our perception of God allows us to experience life with greater joy, fulfillment and peace. This process is well begun by asking an [...]

The Ego Game

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How to Leave the Ego Game & Reclaim Soul FreedomWhether we are praised, scorned or pitied, the vast majority of us are playing the ego game, and our participation is causing a real dilemma. Our health, wealth and happiness are at stake. Our relationships are challenged. Even the stability of the planet is affected. So [...]