Changing a Belief

Changing a Belief

You will eventually come to realize that everything in your experience has come forth due to a frequency match within your energy field. Somewhere in your experience you have had a thought or idea that formulated this event. It could have been created from a movie that you watched as a child, a story that was read to you, or a belief that was shared with you from your parents or other people that you held in esteem. However it entered your consciousness, you have recreated it for your own experience.

You can change any idea that you no longer wish to experience. A powerful formula is this: create a new belief to replace this old one. A belief is made from the combination of a mental thought, emotional reaction, and an agreement. Here is an example of changing a belief. Let’s say you were taught that dancing was bad. The people who helped you to ‘program’ this belief within you shared with strong emotion that to dance was acting in a way that was harmful to you and others. They felt so strongly about this idea that it frightened you, so you accepted this to be true. Now, you see differently. You want to change this belief to that of the teaching that to move one’s body to music is a sign of reverence and appreciation for the gift of life and well-being. Muster as much feeling and emotion as possible, because it is the ‘energy in motion’ that will cancel out the old formula and replace it with this new idea that you are in agreement.

To change a belief, you must overcome the old fearful emotion with a greater positive one. Thought + feeling = belief. If you were scared into a belief, you must muster the courage to decide differently. Logic alone cannot change a die-hard belief. Emotion is what locks it into place. Click To Tweet Overcome your fear with faith in LOVE. IT IS ALL GOD, therefore, it is all LOVE in differing degrees. Choose to interpret your life experience from the higher knowing that everything comes from the energy of GOD, created by your agreement, or belief.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.