Like other mammals, humans care for their young until they are capable of caring for themselves. The fox teaches their young to hunt, and other skills that are needed to perpetuate their kind. And, when their offspring are ready they are booted from the warmth of their mother’s den, expected to fend for themselves.

A natural, intact society raises their children within this natural framework. Their young are taught how to feed, shelter, and clothe themselves, and to care for future families of their own. They learn skills and trades that express their passions, with the opportunity of mastery as they apply themselves. Each child grows to become a useful citizen within their community, able to contribute to the continuation of the people.

Entitlement is not taught, nor is it tolerated. Each member of society is expected, and honored, to do their part. Positive pride is encouraged and developed within each individual. Service is a sign of well-being. Youth are treated with dignity and given opportunities to carry their own load. A sense of belonging is cultivated. No one is left behind. There is work for all to contribute to the common good.

We are coming back to this natural state of being, back to grassroots community. It is time to take pride in our capability as a human race to live in integrity to oneself, and in community with others. Click To Tweet Life is simple when the distractions of the ego world are removed. Are you ready?

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.