There are many advantages to living in community, camaraderie being one of the greatest. We are social beings needing companionship to live a truly fulfilled life. Spending time with people whose company we enjoy and with whom we feel a sense of safety contributes greatly to our well-being.

A sense of being part of a larger ‘family’ enables those with small children to have many loving arms to assist in positive rearing. Older folks benefit too from the experience of being useful ‘sitters,’ keeping a watchful eye out for the safety of the young ones. And, having strong hands about also insures assistance to the elderly when needed.

Community affords many opportunities for people to provide their talents and gifts for the benefit of the whole. Work hours are shared, gardening, farming, cooking, cleaning, repairing and with maintenance, leaving more time to achieve personal goals.

Creativity soars when there is time to explore, contemplate and meditate. Our Souls love to express freely in the moment, without time restraints. Our artistic nature flourishes when we have our needs met with enough time left over to play. Young, and old alike, desire freedom to pursue their greatest desires.

People have found that when coming back into a community experience they are able to fulfill human needs that get left out, or lost in the world of separated living. It is lonely on one’s own, and children and the aged fare the worst. Bring back this ancient wisdom of living within community and watch your spirit soar. Click To Tweet

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.