Are you content with your life? Do you experience a sense of serenity in your current circumstances? Are you fulfilled in the areas of relationship, family, career, finances, and Self? Are you pleased with how the world of mankind is operating? Or, is there room for improvement?

To be content does not mean that you just accept the way things are. This would be a form of denial. True contentment comes naturally when you experience fulfillment of your true desires. What are your true desires?

Deep within each human being is a desire to be happy, healthy, and wise. Click To Tweet Prosperity, abundance, and all needs met are also desired experiences. Not only do humans desire these for themselves, they truly want this for everyone else.

To have does not mean that another must not have. This is scarcity consciousness which is based on false beliefs. Nature is abundant and prolific. A life based on the model of nature will ensure enough for all. Endeavor to live from this level of consciousness so that no one is left out.

Reach into your inner knowing of your unity with every living being. Understand that you, and everyone else, are affected by another’s suffering. Everything is energy, or consciousness, and this fluidity affects every aspect of life. Do your part to create a happy and healthy environment for yourself and every living creature on Earth.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.