Decide Your Life

Decide Your Life

It is with great care that one should choose their actions, for it is in the deciding that energy is set in motion. To think of the outcome and foresee the eventual consequences is wisdom. All decisions lead to actions, whether in the personal arena or if acted out by the collective. Spirit directs the completion of a person’s choices. Default circumstances occur when one is incomplete with their desires or fails to take proactive steps to fulfill their dreams.

Your life is by your design as soon as you are able to choose for yourself your attitude and actions. Until then, it is in the hands of whomever you allow to govern your life. Learn to think things through to completion, so you will be in charge of your creations. When one is lazy in their designing process they tend to reap seemingly undesirable results. It is all in your own hands to create your future. Take the time to ponder your future and choose wisely that which will bring about the desired outcome. Wake up to the knowing that if you take full responsibility in your decision making process you will be the master creator of your life. It is never too late to start. Click To Tweet

Begin with your awareness that illness is a problem with the flow of life force energy throughout your body. Removal of negative thought programs will automatically reverse most ailments. Think of health as streams of light flowing through your veins enlivening every cell to accomplish its purpose. When a dam is formed the flow stops and those parts of the body are no longer receiving their needed share of the life force that keeps them in good operation.

Illness can be prevented or healed by allowing the life force energy to flourish. Love, joy and true desire awaken the flow within. Negative thought forms or programs restrict this life-affirming flow. Seek to overcome your judgments by transforming them into positive interpretations. For instance, racism can be transformed by viewing beauty and diversity within the human race, as similar to the beauty and diversity among Earth’s flowers, which can bring such pleasure to the senses. Drug addicts can be seen as people seeking to feel good, though by ignorant means. When light, love, and compassion are shown towards people who bring harm to themselves, many are able to see the folly of their ways, and improve their circumstances with the assistance of those in better living conditions. Condemnation helps no one. Offer a helping hand to those who desire to choose higher ways. Show them their Divine nature, and demonstrate to them their very own personal power to change themselves for the better, so they can create the life that they desire.

Compassion is to understand that while people innately desire to live a happy life, many are overcome with false thinking based upon separation from the whole of existence. Come back to your inner knowing that everyone is a component of the whole. Uplift those who fall down in their ways. Encourage everyone to choose Peace. Show by example how unconditional love is master over judgment. True service overcomes selfishness. Desiring joy for all opens the way for camaraderie. And, responsible decision making is key to creating a better life for oneself. What do you desire to experience? When you have figured that out, decide and do your part to bring it about by proper action.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.