There are a multitude of varieties in cultures, customs, traditions, and religions around the world. These diverse expressions within humanity offer an assortment to choose from, and an array of options to participate in. No single group has all of the answers in life. It is in this diversity that we can find pleasure in and awareness of differing expressions.

Exploration into the original beliefs that created many traditions may, at times, uncover for us old superstitions, fears, and victim consciousness. We have come far enough in our evolution to know that there is nothing outside of us that can assist or harm us without our vibrational match in consciousness.

Be ever clear in your understanding of this principle: The world we each personally live in is a match to our beliefs, whether conscious or unconscious. Click To Tweet What are some of your beliefs? Can you take responsibility for the life that you are designing with your thoughts? Will you be proactive in changing the ones that no longer serve your highest good? When will you take charge of your life circumstances?

There is enough room for everyone to live according to their belief systems. One key factor to aide in this is tolerance. You are responsible to care for and protect yourself and your family members. Unless there is danger to life, people’s intriguing customs are just expressions of preference.

Cultivate acceptance for diversity, and encourage free expression for all.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.