Energy Body

Energy Body

We would like to offer some sound advice to those who are interested in creating a better future for themselves and all others: BE AWARE OF YOUR ENERGY BODY.

Your energy pattern affects everyone you meet. When you are feeling happy, peaceful, constructive and caring you uplift all who are around you. When you are angry, agitated, hurtful and uncaring you interfere with other people’s positive vibrations. Hopefully, knowing this will cause you to want to have a better effect on other’s lives.

When you find yourself in a negative space, endeavor to change your outlook immediately. It does no good to keep yourself stuck in negativity. True wisdom is in recognizing your attitude quickly and making the necessary adjustments to your energy field to keep yourself in a positive vibration.

It is as simple as turning a car in the right direction to get to the destination that you desire. If you have a blowout with a tire you must first fix it before continuing. Same is needed for your energy body. If your car overheats, it is best to allow it to cool and then add more fluids. If you run out of gas, you must refuel, etc. You get the analogy.

Before sharing space with another, make sure you are expressing your best vibration possible. This will create an atmosphere where you and others around you will feel happier, healthier and better able to co-create a more desirable life.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.