Allowing Energy Flow

It is fascinating how energy flows wherever it is permitted. We are vessels for energy to flow within us and through us. It flows unimpeded within our Soul, the spiritual (non-physical) aspect of our Self. However, the physical aspect, our body, becomes constricted at times for numerous reasons.

One reason is that we sometimes wear clothing or jewelry that is too tight and cuts off the circulation. Radiation wreaks havoc with our brainwaves, as do sleeping pills and many other prescription drugs. What we eat and drink also has an effect upon how our energy moves. Soda pop creates a restriction within the nervous system. Dairy constricts the lymphatic system. Pesticides are poisons that kill the cells in our body, and food that is microwaved has been changed at the molecular level becoming toxic to us. Genetically engineered foods are not safe and their destructive effects upon our bodies create all sorts of ailments.


What I find that has the greatest effect upon our energy flow is our ego-mind. What we think, feel and believe either opens our flow or constricts it. Optimism expands us. A pessimistic outlook decreases our energy. Love opens many channels, while fear, anxiety, anger and hatred shut them down. The nice thing is we are always at choice about our attitude. We choose what to believe. And, we are the ones who choose to either respond from wisdom or react from ‘programs of belief’ that have been triggered.

Compassion, understanding, fellow feeling and empathy will give us the needed energy to respond with kindness and unconditional love. Infants naturally flow in love and acceptance. Most people enjoy the presence of babies and young children because of their innocent and loving energy. Those considered to be Saints were known to have a peaceful presence that incited cooperation from others. We too have an effect on those around us. When our energy is flowing well people feel good.

I envision a future where we as people take greater responsibility for our energy flow, raising our consciousness to higher understandings of love and cooperation with Nature. Healing with energy will become as natural as breathing. And, opening our minds to greater awareness of the interconnectedness of life will lead us into peace.