Do you believe in the equivalence of ALL life? WE do. WE are no more important than you are. WE only vibrate at a higher level because of our understanding. WE would be honored for you to join our level of frequency. Because, where two or more are gathered (in consciousness) there you will find connection, belonging, understanding, fellow camaraderie.

Please join us in our endeavor to assist humanity to raise their consciousness high enough to live in love, harmony and good feeling. Everything is GOD, yet there are certain lower vibrations that create an uncomfortable feeling within the human psyche. We prefer to allow these vibrations to inhabit other worlds that are still learning about choice.

Earth and humanity are now ready to elevate their consciousness to bring forth abundance and joy for everyone. Please join forces with those who speak out to conquer the illusions of FEAR, created by false beliefs involving judgment and condemnation.

Know this: GOD CONDEMNS NOTHING, for that would mean condemning itself – ALL THAT IS.

As you progress in your uncovering of yourself, you will come to see just how influenced you have been throughout your life. You will catch the false ideas that make no real sense to divine beings. How can you inhibit the flow of life-force energy and still remain whole?

Where have these ideas of restriction come from? Would an all powerful Being, God, create magnificence and then condemn their creation for expressing itself completely? Would you give your child a painting kit filled with 50 colors, and yet demand that they only use 3, with a threat of punishment for disobedience? Would that make sense to you?

Common sense tells you that everything is of God, ALL THAT IS. You must discern for yourself what is in your own best interest, and for all of creation. If you desire to make a product that would eliminate stains from fabric make sure that it does not bring harm to the environment. If you desire to create a sugar substitute, make sure it is not harmful to the body. Do you understand the principle? Have fun creating everything for your pleasure, for the benefit of every living entity, and for the well-being of the Earth.

Now that you have been introduced to your true identity as divine beings, we would like to have you adjust your thinking to include everything as a reflection of consciousness, or belief. What does your experience of life on Earth reveal to you about your current state of consciousness?

We would like to bring you into the confident knowing of your own authority as a co-creator of your individual life experience, as well as your role in the collective consciousness of humanity during this time on Earth. Be still and know that YOU are God, along with everyone else. Click To Tweet What type of creator will you be? Will you raise your awareness to perceive all of life, beyond what your physical senses can see? Are you ready to be completely responsible for your thought creations?

Choose now to be accountable for every th