It Is All God

Consciousness is synonymous with God. What do I mean by this? Everything is consciousness. There is nothing outside of consciousness. Everything is God. There is nothing outside of God. Need I say more?

Ok, I will expound. Can you actually describe God or consciousness in enough detail to understand its truth? I know that I cannot. They are unfathomable concepts. And, it seems that when people try to explain them they end up fighting and creating wars.

I do not intend to make anyone feel upset at me. I only wish to express on a subject that seems to bring up anger within people. Why is this? These are truly beautiful concepts that should actually incite one another to love, because most persons agree that ‘God is LOVE.’ I love talking about love, life, God, divinity, power, Creator, Universe, energy, life-force, consciousness, ALL THAT IS. It stimulates within me a sense of reverence for all of life.

Soul Self

My wish is that this article will incite you too to love everyone and everything as an aspect of God. When we can do this as a people, we will end all wars. It is time to awaken our hearts to love one another as brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet, Earth. Our Souls are already in unison with each other. Let us open ourselves to this unity by awakening our Souls. It is in this Era of Divinity that we are to become our Soul Selves.

How do we do this? There is no one way. That would be absurd. Think about it. Can we really limit God? Can we attempt to restrict consciousness? Indeed not. Whatever way we choose is OUR choice. God does not judge, nor does consciousness tell us that we are doing it wrong. We usually figure out for ourselves when something is not working. Let’s give ourselves credit for that. Though, it may take a millennium to figure it out, there is no limit to how long we have. This Earth will come back into balance, with or without the human race. Our extinction may be on the line, but not our beloved Earth.

Personal Development - ConsciousnessI have found for myself, and in my practice, that to remove judgment is a key factor. For, without judgment there is only love, acceptance, compassion, understanding, patience, and all of the other ‘fruits of the spirit.’ I liken it to a caring mother who loves her child even when it acts foolishly or causes harm. This is what we call ‘unconditional love.’ And, unconditional love is one of the most definitive descriptions of God.

I prefer to use discernment, because it refers to a personal choice. And, personal choice is the birthright of every human. I cannot dictate to another how they must believe. I can only be responsible for myself. And, by my example, I show others how I choose to live. And yet, my choice is just that – my choice. Life would become quite boring if everyone chose exactly what I chose. I do not want copies of myself. I love the variety of life too much for that.

I hope that each person reading this will send me a message and tell me about themselves. I want to know YOU, your wonderfully unique Self. Who are you? And, why do you feel so passionately about your life? What excites your sense of wholeness? What opens your heart to love? How does your Soul communicate with you? Please share.

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