Evolution vs Tradition

Evolution vs Tradition

LIFE is evolution in progress. Death is tradition holding a stagnant perspective. We, as people, must choose LIFE to continue our growth. It is a choice that everyone must make for themselves. What would keep you in a fixated state of non-motion? Is there anything of real value to cause you to diminish your expansion? What beliefs are you willing to hold onto until death? Can anything replace original truth, or reality, which is Nature’s model?

Keep in mind that every belief you hold within yourself has had its origin in the mind of man, not God. It is within the world of ego-mind that all rules have been determined. It is mankind that states what they choose to believe “God” dictates. Collective ego-minds develop all regulations according to their chosen belief of “right and wrong”.

When you understand that everything is “made up” by human thinking, you will then listen with skepticism, and become your own authority over your choices. When this occurs in mass scale, you will begin the process of conscious co-creation, which will lead to redesigning your future as an evolving humanity.

Make your own decisions. Choose for yourself what you will believe in. Decide the future you want to create. And stand firm within yourself to bring about the changes you wish to experience. Take courage in knowing that everything is adaptable, and able to shift into higher ways of becoming. It is YOUR choice, so choose your own destiny. Click To Tweet

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.