Facets of Connection

Facets of Connection

Where in this great big world do you feel the connection of brotherhood and sisterhood? Do you experience the beauty of community in your neighborhood? Can you find camaraderie with co-workers? Does your family experience true companionship among each other? Do you have a place of worship that unites all in an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging? Can you join with others of like-mind in whatever endeavor you enjoy? How do you fulfill the inherent need for fellowship?

We would like to point out the many facets of connection available to humans. Among these are family relations, friends, neighbors, spiritual communities, co-workers, colleagues, clients and customers, markets and vendors, parks and trails, cafes and restaurants, health and wellness activities, educational classes, hobby groups, clubs, charities, volunteer organizations, artistic events, civic groups, political associations, national affiliations, and global efforts of fellowship and support, etc.

How can you reach out to others to invite them into your personal circle? Who comes to mind when you ponder this question? Are you sure you have included everyone you care about?

Times are challenging and lonely for many. Try to include everyone you see in your daily activities. Genuine eye contact, a warm smile, a friendly wave or a kind word can do wonders for the Soul of each person you touch with your loving attention. Become a resting place for the down-trodden to refuel and replenish their spirit.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.