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My greatest worry is that people now tend to get mixed up with sex and gender. And many young people medicate themselves with cross-sex hormones in order to look like the opposite sex. I’m not sure if they understand that we all contain both feminine and masculine qualities, and that the best is to find balance. It’s very worrying that young people become addicted to hormone injections at a very young age due to this gender-confusion. What do you think about this?

We hear your concern for the well-being of our youth. It is fascinating how through the eons of time people have gravitated towards self-altering procedures to change their appearance and reformulate their image. Because it is up to each individual to choose for themselves how to live their lives, there will most likely be these [...]

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How can I remain nonjudgmental towards bullies?

We suggest you see beyond the veil of this ego-mind world and pierce into the spiritual realm where they too are Souls, like you. Try viewing them as their natural spiritual self, who may possibly be stuck behind their ego’s dominance, or crushed within their ego’s hatred, or blocked by their ego’s emotional pain, or [...]

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