Answers from The Ancient Ones regarding life purpose.

Is the soul an expression of divinity? Is the soul pure or does the soul have a purpose or need for fulfillment?

Yes, the Soul is an expression of Divinity. And, it comes to Earth to assist in its growth toward purity. Within each human is a Soul Blueprint to assist in the achievement of this purpose. When a Soul can align with its vehicle - ego-mind and body subconscious - it creates the necessary circuit within [...]

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Who am I becoming 10,000 years from now – how can I accept the invitation to receive from the ancient ones? I am ready to heal the world; I seek guidance to shed my veil and fully receive the invocation.

Your enthusiasm is enlivening. Our wish for you is that you remember who you are. We know you as the Angelic Being that you truly are. Sometimes, even Angels forget themselves during their incarnation here on Earth. Your invitation for us to assist you is all we need to help you uncover your reason for [...]

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How can we improve this world?

When people gather together in like-mindedness, there is a camaraderie that naturally develops amongst one another. Sharing in similar ideas creates bonds of trust.