Fully Human

Fully Human

What does it mean to be fully human? Ponder this for awhile.

Here are some definitions that may help you understand better:

CompassionWikipedia: “Compassion is a virtue — one in which the emotional capacities of empathy and sympathy (for the suffering of others) are regarded as a part of love itself, and a cornerstone of greater social interconnection and humanism — foundational to the highest principles in philosophy, society, and personhood.”

AuthorityMacmillan Dictionary: “Authority – Power to make decisions.”

InterdependenceWikipedia: “Interdependence is a dynamic of being mutually and physically responsible to, and sharing a common set of principles with many others. This concept differs distinctly from “dependence,” which implies that each member of a relationship cannot function or survive apart from one another. In an interdependent relationship, all participants are emotionally, economically, ecologically and/or morally self-reliant while at the same time responsible to each other. An interdependent relationship can be defined as an entity that depends on two or more cooperative autonomous participants (e.g. – co-op). Some people advocate freedom or independence as a sort of ultimate good; others do the same with devotion to one’s family, community, or society. Interdependence recognizes the truth in each position and weaves them together.”

Now, ask yourself – Do you feel compassion for all life? Are you giving your authority over to someone or something outside of yourself, or have you reached the maturity to maintain your own Soul’s authority? Have you become aware of the interconnected world of God where everything affects everything, and have YOU become a positive source for interdependence? Click To Tweet

To be fully human is to be your Soul Self.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.