Global Society

Global Society

As people, we are privileged to communicate throughout the world with every ethnic group and culture. We can connect through technology with just about anyone on the planet. We can travel by plane, train, boat or automobile to any location to experience, in person, the many wonders of Earth. And, we can meet new friends wherever we go.

Our species has more ways available to share and communicate with our own kind than any other. We can utilize the written and spoken word to assist us in learning another’s language. We can video record many things to share with others who may not otherwise have the opportunity to see them for themselves.

With all of this co-mingling and sharing we are becoming a united group. Diversity is tolerated more each day, and the differing expressions of cultures are accepted with greater ease. This is a sign of evolution toward a global family, where every human being is treated as a distant relative.

Soon we will share openly as friends and allies in a united, global society, not only with our fellow man, but with every living being that makes up our world. Click To Tweet Oneness is seeing all creatures as brothers and sisters co-existing on Earth.

When humans come back to their innate Selves, all of society will form a bond of unity, and create a future that will allow each individual their right to express themselves freely as who they truly are. This will not pose a danger to anyone, or anything, because our true identity is connected to all, and supports the well-being of every living organism.

When true freedom of expression is encouraged, each person will naturally do that which is for the highest good of all. Thoughts of separation, judgment or punishment will no longer rule humanity. Real love of the common good will prevail.

We invite you to begin this journey back to your authentic Selves, and work to promote freedom, to live from the heart and Soul, for everyone on Earth.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.