To be happy and fulfilled one needs only to love. Sharing love with another is also necessary for true wholeness in life. Either fear or judgment is indicative of a life cut off from Reality which is Love. No one can cut off your flow of life, love or Divinity. It is always an inside job. When love is withheld, it is only one-sided, unless the one being slighted takes part in the deprivation. This is the secret to enduring joy – never stop the flow of love from pulsating within you, even when the person outside of you is restricting their involvement.

Love is ever present. Life, love, Divinity, energy, consciousness, these are interchangeable words depicting the same inference to God. Nature is also another word simulating God’s role as life bringer and sustainer. Do not get caught up in the meaning of words. Accept that all is God.

The many levels and layers of God can be felt wherever you are in your current understanding of life. Tolerance of another’s concept of the All is most beneficial. And, acceptance is even better. Who has the authority to deny another of their personal concept of God? There is much more to the definition than can ever be described in words. Accept that the depth shall always be more than the observance. Click To Tweet

Create your ideas from within your Self and you shall know better than most that God is everything. Who can separate God from anything? Presumptuousness is foolhardy. There is no place found in all of existence where life is nonexistent. This can only mean one thing, life is God. How you choose to live your God-given life is up to you and no other.

We hope you will awaken to your full knowing that you are all a part of the whole, that is – you are all God as well as the plants and animal life. Take care of your fellow brothers and sisters because there is no separation in the whole of existence which is God.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.