We are very excited to announce a new Soul Self Living charitable initiative.

Beginning this week, half of all proceeds from our online course, A Year to Awaken Your Soul, will go to support an aligned charitable organization, to benefit a family in our community that is in hardship, or toward a scholarship for those who might not otherwise afford the course.

Our first beneficiary will be The Harrison House in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Harrison House – Past and Present

Historically, when parts of the United States were racially segregated, The Harrison House was a boarding house and haven for African-American itinerant workers, holiday travelers, and even well-known entertainers including Nat King Cole, Pearl Bailey, and Sammy Davis, Jr. who were barred from staying in the Las Vegas casinos even when they were performing there.

Harrison HouseToday, The Harrison House is returning to prominence as a community center with plans to become a showcase for sustainable practices including green building, desert permaculture, organic gardening, and natural beekeeping. The board of directors is already hosting work parties, educational events, historical tours, and neighborhood celebrations.

There’s a lot of work to be done. The house itself is over 70 years old and capital will be needed to renovate the building with sustainable improvements, plant trees and gardens, and transform the space into it’s full potential.

Soul City

Recently, as we enjoyed tea with Board member Katherine Duncan, she shared with us that The Harrison House represents the heart of Soul City – the antidote to Sin City.

It sits in the historic West Side neighborhood of Las Vegas which has numerous houses of worship, more per capita than any other neighborhood in the city. While we visited, a local pastor dropped by for a moment of connection and collaboration.

Our dialog that day was a celebration of the human story, of shared experience, recognizing that in the arc of human history all people have ancestors who caused suffering as well as ancestors who suffered.

Victim or victimizer, all of us have been negatively affected by injustice.

And, while we have inherited systems that do not serve highest good, it’s up to us to change them together.

What a joy to find opportunities to not only heal the wounds of the past but to steward a new era of unity.

There’s a palpable feeling of peace at The Harrison House that’s rooted in a clear intention of creating a brighter future through education, inclusion, and cooperation, heart-to-heart, Soul-to-Soul.

We are proud to partner with The Harrison House and invite you to purchase A Year to Awaken Your Soul. And, if you have the means, please buy another as a gift! Together, we can make a lasting difference for this community.

Rich Blessings,   Jack and Stacey

PS: Check out this segment from the local Channel 8 News > Hidden History: Harrison House provided refuge for black entertainers

PPS: You now have the option to support up to three recipients of our charitable initiative when you buy the course. Be sure to mark the box for The Harrison House on the payment confirmation page.

PPPS: When visiting Las Vegas, be sure to stop by The Harrison House for a tour. You’ll be glad you did!