Energy Healing – Our Consciousness is Growing

There are numerous ways to heal ourselves or to assist another in their healing process. Energy healing is becoming very popular again. It was used for centuries until it was banned and labeled as ‘witchery.’ People are waking up to the fact that everything is energy, therefore to heal with energy only makes sense. Our consciousness as a people is growing again; we are evolving into the divine, spiritual humans that we truly are.

Healing with Energy

To be a Healer is a choice that anyone can make. It is a part of our natural make-up as humans. True healing involves our entire Being. We cannot leave a part of ourselves out if we want to insure complete success. Because healing involves our body, ego-mind, Soul and spirit, we must accept our role as a conduit for the proper frequencies to flow through us for the healing of another.

Our body must be whole to affect wholeness within another. Our ego-mind must be clear of negative thoughts or beliefs of doubt. Our Soul is the greatest aspect of our healing capability, and therefore, must be completely involved as the instructor (even if we are channeling healing energy from a deceased Master Healer, it is our Soul that is in communication with this entity). Our spirit, or life-force energy, is what we use to ‘tune’ another back into well-being. Our energy must flow freely within us to be useful in assisting another person.

HealingEnergy blockage creates disease. Energy flow heals us. Most blocks are formed due to wrong thinking, false beliefs of separation, etc. This is why raising our consciousness helps us to heal. A Master Healer will work with every aspect of a person – body, ego-mind, Soul and spirit, to co-create lasting healing.