Life is renewed as long as the body remains in the flow of life-force energy. Restricted energy flow begins the illness process due to lack of proper nutrients nourishing the cellular structures. True health is supported by proper nutrition, living water, adequate shelter, enough sleep, physical exercise, joyful expression and real love.

Allowing oneself to be happy is a cure-all formula. Joy is the greatest elixir for life. Passion moves energy throughout the physical body better than a five mile run or a one-hour aerobic workout. Passion fuels the entire Self, not just the physical body.

Health is more than a strong physical body. It is a joyful, passionate expression of life as you. Click To Tweet Divinity is pure energy, ultimate consciousness, it is life-force. It IS, and it flows wherever there is no resistance. Like water that flows downstream until it merges into the ocean, only stopping due to anything blocking its way, so too life-force energy enlivens everything that has the proper channels.

When someone becomes ill due to long-term improper food intake, they are able to remedy the problem quite well by changing and enhancing their diet. When someone injures their body, incurring a broken bone, with sufficient rest the bone will mend itself. When a person is ill from emotional trauma, love, patience and encouragement from friends work wonders in bringing back the patients desire to live and that is when healing really takes place.

Humans are more than bodies and minds. The whole person must be taken into account. With Soul involved, one can perceive life from a higher perspective, where unity abides. Divinity is living life as a whole person, body/mind/Soul. To separate any aspect from the whole is ignorance at work.

Energy channels within the body matrix can easily be unblocked with greater awareness of life and how it operates. Life flows until it is blocked. By keeping your Self flowing with love, there will be no blockage to cause illness. Judgment and condemnation create blocks within the one holding to the improper thought patterns. Love, acceptance, allowance and Self-responsibility through discernment can keep the flow of love pulsating throughout the entire body, while encouraging the other to move into love by example. This way of invitation honors another’s path and learning process. The answer is love.

Love your Self to health. Love others, and assist them to heal by invitation. Allow each person to come into their own knowing that love is synonymous with life, energy and God.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.