Help or Harm?

Help or Harm?

How do you know what is for your good? Can you rely upon the opinions of others? Is there a sure fire way of knowing for yourself? We say, “Yes, there is!” Your Soul has access to everything that you will need in this lifetime to fulfill your purpose. Rely upon your Soul’s understanding, for it will guide you correctly.

Some people call this the conscience, but we know that the conscience is just a mechanism of the mind that can be tricked by the ego world into believing that even things that are good for you are somehow ‘bad.’ We do not use the word, ‘bad’ for several reasons. One is that there is no such thing, because it is ALL GOD, therefore, ALL GOOD. Two, it is all relative. For instance, a knife can be used for cutting rope or bringing harm to another. The knife is not good or bad, it just is. How a person uses that knife is either to help or to harm. Click To Tweet Third, sometimes it is necessary to do something that seems bad in order to bring about highest good. Take the birth of a child, it may seem terrible during the painful childbirth process, but the end result is positively glorious.

You have developed many technologies that seem to help people to live an easier life, yet many of your inventions have caused great harm and upheaval to the balance of life. Many of your creations have caused illness and even extinction to certain species. Yet, you name them ‘good.’ We would call them ‘ignorant devices of harm.’ Nature has within it all that one needs to know to keep the balance of life. Greed for money, lust for power and laziness have created numerous tools of destruction. We hope that you will go back to the basics of true living, with Nature as your instructor and your Soul as your guide.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.