Inner Guidance

Inner Guidance

Everyone receives inner guidance from their Soul. This communication system between the ego-mind and the Soul can be felt through the instinctual nature of the body. It can be seen as visions while awake or dreams when asleep, through the imagination. It can be heard as the still, small voice within. A sense of ‘knowing’ can be experienced with great certainty when our Soul shares direction. And, we can be reached through coincidences, serendipity and seeming miracles.

These can be thought of as mysterious experiences or just everyday communication from our spiritual aspect that we may call Soul, Higher Self, God Self, Divine Essence, etc. The deeper our connection through meditation, the greater our mystical experience, sometimes bringing us into what we may call a state of grace, peace that surpasses all understanding, heaven, Samadhi, bliss, euphoria, rapture, ecstasy, oneness, or union with ALL THAT IS.

However we allow ourselves to be guided depends largely upon our developed belief systems. If we have been taught that this kind of communication is bad or evil, we may shut down the avenues used by our Soul to give us direction. This is a sad thing, to disconnect from our Souls. We are designed to have access to pure knowledge from Source, to be guided throughout our lives in order to fulfill our purpose and live in peace with others. Click To Tweet

Humanity is waking up again to these natural ways of Being. People are remembering their Divinity, their relationship with God. Souls are connected to Source energy at all times. We must unblock the way within us, so we may commune with our Soul regularly; eventually living daily as our Soul Selves. This is the future of mankind – coming back to wholeness.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.