What is your intention in this life? What purpose do you endeavor to fulfill in your current incarnation? Why have you chosen to come to Earth to live as a human being? Do you know? If so, well done and how are you faring? Are you completing every step necessary to reach your goals? For, one’s purpose can be filled with numerous tasks to achieve. How many have you completed so far? Do you need assistance, or maybe someone to hold you accountable? Knowing one’s purpose is not the same as fulfilling it.

If you do not yet understand your purpose for this life there are many ways to uncover it from within you. Meditation is our strongest suggestion, for it is held within your Soul’s knowing. Click To Tweet Develop a rapport with this spiritual aspect that is divine. Allow it to guide you into your life’s mission. It is ready and waiting for you to give it the attention needed to communicate with you.

Sometimes it is useful to gain assistance from someone who has been trained by their own Soul to be a guide for the purpose of assisting others into a strong and trusting relationship with their Souls. You will feel when you have found a proper match for yourself. Your Soul will dance with delight when you speak with this helper. Trust yourself to choose wisely based upon how you feel.

Remember though, that your Soul is who you want to develop this relationship of trust with, not the person guiding you to that means. They are only temporary; your relationship with your Soul is permanent. Do not get stuck in dependency upon another human being. Utilize their loving assistance until you can stand strong on your own.

A true coach will release you when the time is right. If they do their job well, you will be empowered to excel beyond their assistance. It is each instructor’s desire that his student surpass him. Find a good teacher and endeavor to go beyond their tutoring. Ultimately, your Soul is your master teacher.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.