Mankind is awakening into the era of Divinity. The human race is opening to spiritual understanding. In this time of evolution, people are breaking free from the control inflicted by ego consciousness. No longer will those who have awakened accept authority outside of themselves. Divinity requires Soul authority. The Soul is aware of the interconnectedness that is spirit, non-physical.

The collapse of outer authority is upon us. We have entered the era of co-creation, as individual incarnations living for God, or the all of us. It is only a matter of time before consciousness reaches the level of interconnectedness where each living Soul is seen and felt as a part of ourselves, thereby caring for the other as oneself. Full realization will bring unity.

There are many levels within the matrix of consciousness. Earth is supportive of a multitude of levels. As humanity awakens further into the interconnectedness of the all, the lesser levels of understanding based upon false concepts of separation will diminish. Click To Tweet Humanity’s Soul recognition automatically overcomes, or evolves ignorance. Every human is capable of raising their level of consciousness into the more accurate understanding of universal existence. There is no separation. This is a misconception based upon ignorance. “We are all one” is a universal concept known by all that has been forgotten but not lost. Divinity is inevitable because it is reality.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.