There are so many views about life. From which viewpoint do you see your life experience? Does your belief system formulate success only from hard work? Or does the idea of success come from a deeper, more passionate place that fulfills the basic human need for love? Does your perspective come from interpreting life positively, where life is for you? Or, do you see life as a struggle with others acting as your enemy?

Become aware of your perspective. Beliefs have been handed down for generations, and it is these beliefs that keep the world of mankind in its current condition. To change life as we have known it, humanity must change the way they perceive it. Click To Tweet

This is simple, though not always easy. Beliefs are not necessarily based on true reality. Rather, they are merely personal perceptions of reality. Whether interpreted as positive or negative, they can build up a person’s character or crash them into victimhood. When you interpret a situation as something necessary for new growth then you will welcome the lessons learned. If you judge it as bad, you will feel weak like a victim.

Remember the story of the young man who obtained the new horse (thought of as good), that broke his leg (thought of as bad) so that he was unable to be drafted into the war (good), where all of the young men in his village were wiped out (bad), except for him? He could interpret this as a calling to help out his village in need; a noble purpose indeed.

Endeavor to use positive interpretation at all times. Life is truly for you. You just need to understand better how it works. Your Soul will always offer you what you need to grow and awaken to your divinity.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.