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Intuitive Reading with Stacey Stephens

Gain the Clarity You Need to Make a Beneficial Decision

Get Confirmation of Your Own Answer

Love & Relationships


  • How Can You Attract Your Soulmate?
  • Are You In the Right Relationship?
  • Are You Blocking Love?

Prosperity & Career


  • How Can You Make More Money?
  • Are You Preventing Wealth?
  • Are You Missing an Opportunity?

Health & Well-Being


  • How Can You Improve Your Health?
  • Are You Creating Illness?
  • How Can You Feel More Energy?

Purpose & Life Path


  • What is Your Life Purpose?
  • Are You In the Right Career?
  • How Can You Connect to Your Soul?

What Stacey’s Clients Are Saying…

It is truly remarkable the clarity that Stacey exhibits in her work. She is able to ‘see’ into a person with great accuracy and assist them in the transformation needed to create a healing. It is my honor to recommend her to you.
Marshall Calvert, M.A., L.M.T., R.Ht., Saint Peters, Missouri
“Stacey is one of those special people who were born with the gift of extended sight. Her work has been very helpful and important to me on multiple levels and in many areas of my life. Having experience with a number of clairvoyants over the years, and having developed my own inner sight, I have reference points from which to base my opinion of Stacey’s work. I consider it to be excellent.”
Al DiMarco, Musician, Tokyo, Japan
“Stacey is a gifted healer. When she holds a session, her personality energy matrix steps aside and she becomes a clear channel for the appropriate energy frequencies that shift awareness into a deep place of healing. At the same time she receives intuitive information that is supportive and nurturing. I highly recommend her for deep personal transformation.”
B. H., Reiki Master, Boise, Idaho


Accurate answers to your most pressing questions

For over twenty years, Stacey Stephens has assisted people from around the world to get to the root of their challenges and make wise choices.

With loving wisdom and proven ability, she safely brings your deepest knowing into the open where you can act upon it.

Stacey Stephens

Frequently Asked Questions

Stacey is not a charge-by-the-minute psychic. The times are estimations of what she has found is generally needed given her 20+ years of experience. Her intention is to complete the work your Soul is asking for assistance with.

30 minutes is usually enough time to thoroughly address one question, especially if you are asking for confirmation on an issue you already have a sense of knowing the answer to. If you’re feeling stuck or unable to get your own sense of your situation, remember that Stacey is reading your energy, so the fewer blocks you have the more can be accomplished in a single session. She will usually assist you to identify the blocks and suggest ways to address them.

If the answer is available for you to know (for your highest good to know), then yes, Stacey can share with you what your Soul deems appropriate. The future is pliable if you choose to change the outcome before it occurs. If you like what the future shows, then you can strengthen it with intention. Being aware of what you are creating can be very empowering and give you something to improve upon.
We have found that readings for first time clients tend to run a bit longer, and that’s ok. Stacey doesn’t charge more if the time goes over, but sometimes people feel the desire to pay a bit extra if a reading evolves into something more profound. Once you have your own experience of how it works, it goes much faster in subsequent sessions as you become clearer and more empowered.
A reading is a great way to experience Stacey’s assistance for the first time. Because of their positive experience most people reschedule for a longer session, usually a Soul Awakening session, where there is the time to go deeper and accomplish more.
We ask that clients pay the full amount if possible, and most agree that it is more than worth it. However, if your current budget cannot absorb her rate just let us know and we can work something out to better suit your needs. She is here to be of service.

Your Reading with Stacey

  • Approximately 30 minutes
  • Via telephone or Skype from anywhere in the world
  • You can feel comfortable and confident that your reading will accurately address your question.
  • $100.00
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