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Jack Stephens

About Me

  • Sun and rising signs: Capricorn
  • Human Design: Projector
  • Meyers-Briggs: ENFJ
  • Enneagram: 3 (Achiever) and 9 (Mediator)
  • Hobbies: Natural Beekeeping, Permaculture, Hand Percussion
  • Languages: English (native), Spanish (elementary), German (elementary)
  • Author of the Amazon.com Top 10 Bestselling book Soul Self as well as the upcoming book Soul Self Restored: Recovering Wholeness.
  • Spiritual Facilitation
    • Co-Founder, Soul Self Living
    • Teacher, Art of God, Los Angeles
    • Men’s Circle Facilitation, Sacred Masculine-Feminine Partnership
    • Christian Seminary, Buddhist Sangha
  • Sustainable Business Leadership
    • Founding Executive Director, Natural Building Network
      • Founded and led global network of natural builders of all types and traditions (straw bale, cob, adobe, rammed earth, natural plaster, thatching etc.).
      • International conference organizer and speaker.
    • Two-year in-house consultancy with national organic grocery brand.
      • Director of consumer and vendor relations, buyer, quality control.
    • Two-year in-house consultancy with a leading natural building company.
      • Marketed and organized filled-to-capacity workshops, recruited apprentices, launched two bestselling books, modernized retail sales, and organized an international colloquium.
    • Consulted the successful launch of a natural burial company
    • Consulted the successful launch of an online natural goods company
    • Consulted the successful upgrade of inventory and project management systems for an organic clothing company
    • Co-Facilitator, two-year Non-Violent Communication study group
    • Founded successful regional organic body care company with online retail, wholesale, and farmer’s market sales. Farmed and wildcrafted most botanical ingredients.
    • Managed garden for intentional community. This is where I discovered intuitive gardening, permaculture, biodynamics, and natural building. Trained community members and volunteers.
  • Entrepreneurship, Sales, Business/Non-Profit Management and Staff Development
    • Eight years of managing restaurants and launching new services
    • Opened new restaurant and room service in resort hotel. Profitable in first year.
    • Trained employees into managers, and managers into general managers
    • Partner in silkscreen printing business while in college
    • National Executive Board, Boy Scouts of America (Youth Member) 1989-1990
      • Elected to highest youth position in the organization
      • Represented the organization to the President at the White House
      • Trainer of trainers, keynote speaker, conference organizer
  • Intentional Community
    • Member, Moss on the Rocks Farm
    • Member, Maitreya EcoVillage
    • Resident, Alpha Farm
  • Education and Training
    • Permaculture Design Certificate
    • Sociocracy (Dynamic Governance), Consensus Decision Making
    • Reiki, Chi Nei Tsang, Reflexology, Chi Gung
    • Lane Community College: Energy Management, Farm Business Management
    • University of Arizona: Entrepreneurship, Anthropology
  • Happily married to my Soulmate.
    • Blessed to know what true partnership is and to help others find this for themselves.
    • Previously, was a single father at a time when this was rare. I understand the challenges of single parenthood.

How I Help

I use perception-shifting conversations, combining intuition, energy reading, and practical experience to effectively guide people like you into a powerful connection with your inner knowing. I can teach you how to maintain this connection and shift into higher states of consciousness, to embody your wisdom.

I support you to:

  • Become the vibration (Be it), so you can
  • Accomplish the right action (Do it), then
  • Enjoy the fulfillment of their truest desires (Have it)

Who I help

I help people who have a deep-seated desire for personal growth, finding the core of their gifts, so they can share them and thrive.

I would be honored to help you find the clarity you need to create the healthy, vibrant, and rewarding life you truly desire.

FREE Discovery Session

In this 60 minute 1:1 conversation you will:

  • Identify your biggest struggle
  • Gain clarity on what’s at the root of your situation
  • Tap into your true desires to see what’s possible for your future
  • Receive an honest assessment of what it will take to close the gap between where you are and where you desire to be
  • Get recommendations for next steps, including which of our services may be best suited to your needs

You’ll also experience compassion and non-judgment which can be healing and transformative (even in just an initial call). By the end of our conversation you’ll have a better sense for my style and approach, and I will have a clear window into how I can best serve you. Whether you’re looking to move beyond pain or access your deepest knowing, a Discovery Session with me is a positive next step in moving forward.

Click the button below to get on my calendar. When you do, I’ll ask you a few questions and will review your answers personally. If based on your responses I believe I can help you and that we might be a match, I’ll call you at the scheduled time. If I cannot help you, I will do my best to refer you to someone who can. I look forward to connecting with you. ~ Jack