We would like to share with you our favorite game to play here on Earth. We have found that when people understand and apply these practices and principles, their lives improve dramatically.

There are a few ‘buzz words’ that we would like to set into motion within your consciousness before we explain the directions of the game. Please ponder these ideas: Highest Good, Do No Harm, Soul Integrity, Well-Being, Soul Guidance, Balance, and Oneness.

Perception plays a valuable part in properly understanding the ideas behind this powerful tool. We will endeavor to be as clear as possible in explaining what is meant in each statement:

  • Highest Good: That which is good for everyone and everything. It creates harmony, wholeness, and well-being for all.

  • Do No Harm: Bring no harm to anyone or anything, including yourself, others, animals and other creatures, and the Earth and its ecosystems.

  • Soul Integrity: Stay true to your Soul’s knowing. Become your Soul Self.

  • Well-Being: The wholeness of body, mind, Soul alignment.

  • Soul Guidance: Intuitive direction for expressing LOVE.

  • Balance: Caring for self and others as One. Keeping in balance with Nature.

  • Oneness: IT IS ALL GOD; therefore, we exist in Oneness.

Now, the instructions for LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL GAME:

  • Anyone can play. In fact, every human on Earth is automatically in the Game. You were born to play, and you came to win. As has everyone else.
  • The object of the game is to cooperatively create heaven on Earth, in balance with Nature.
  • The ultimate strategy is to live to your fullest potential while doing no harm.
  • LOVE is the creative force, the energy needed to enjoy and win the game. Love well and all will thrive.
  • Milestones Through Life
    • Become Soul Self
    • Attract True Partner
    • Create Family
    • Join in Community
    • Humanity United

To succeed in playing LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL GAME, follow these few basic principles:

  • 1. Play to Win (For All) – Everyone should play to win and there’s always a win-win scenario available. Look for opportunities around you and in your network. Be of service. Volunteer. Collaborate. Seek improvements and upgrades that enhance your life and are beneficial to others.

    Remember, when Highest Good is the objective, everyone wins. For example, if you grow nutritious and tasty food in a way that cares for the life of the soil, the water, the air, yourself, your family and your community, it is enjoyable and beneficial to all. Everyone wins. Design your life to fulfill highest good. Give it your all and do your best. Play to win (for all).

  • 2. Move in Turn – Time is an integral part of the Game. Success requires right action which includes right timing. There are many players and variables at play so be alert and aware, thoughtful and patient. Study the game. Meditate on it. Ask within for the vision of highest good, the best way forward. Ponder the many ways you might like to express yourself. Feel within what option is right for you. Become clear about the higher vision you’re holding, the experience you want, and the outcome you desire. Then, you’ll be prepared when it’s your turn to move.

    Sometimes the best move is lightning fast. At other times, slow-paced. Let your Soul be your guide and you’ll make your move when the time is right. Then, have the patience to let the other players make their move. As with many games, speed improves with practice. The game is smoothest when everyone moves in turn.

  • 3. Opponents Teach – Every person in life is a player, as well as a potential opponent. The word opponent in this case does not mean an enemy to attack or defend yourself from. Rather, an opponent is any player in the game who provides a challenge for you to resolve, overcome, or master.

    Everyone has something to teach us about ourselves (where we’re at) and themselves (where they’re coming from). Observe other players. Deepen your appreciation for the diverse expressions of life. Each person has a slightly different way of doing things. What works for one may or may not work for another. New ways are continually created. Some endure, others fade. Some ways cause harm, others help. Pay attention and you’ll learn something from everyone.

    Use your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual senses to observe what’s happening. Notice how you feel when you interact with a person or spend time in their presence. Use all of your intelligence to learn from the behavior and experiences that others share with you by story or example. Keep a positive attitude toward others, including those whose views and backgrounds are different from yours. Ponder what others show you and share with you and, most of all, listen carefully to your own Soul’s guidance. Maintain your balance. Decide for yourself how to apply what you’ve learned.

  • 4. Remain True – Make your Soul your highest authority and always be true to it. Man-made rules, methods, and styles change over time. Circumstances and opinions change. Keep your spiritual center regardless. If you wobble or fall, recover as quickly as possible. Be present in the now and let your Soul guide you forward.

    Maintain your well-being. Be a source of good. Be strong and caring. Keep your integrity intact and your truest relationships in good condition. You are the hero of your life. Make a life you can be proud of, one where you make a positive contribution. Be the best and brightest version of yourself. Lift the spirits of others, help those in need, champion a worthy cause, make your voice heard, contribute to the unfolding of Highest Good.

    Great players show their love and respect for the game through their passion for excellence and generosity of spirit. They keep their Soul in the game. Your Soul is a great player. Remain true to your Soul’s Divinity.

  • 5. Experience Victory – Victory is first experienced within. Open yourself to your Soul’s guidance. Ask to be shown the highest outcome of the situation you are considering. Ask within for a vision, a sense, a knowing of your best future. Let the answers come. Just a glimpse can be enough to get the imagination going.

    Feel the fulfillment of your desires with every fiber of your being. Explore the fulfillment of your vision with all of your senses. In your mind, imagine as completely as you can what it will be like to succeed. Let your heart open wide to feel the emotional richness of success. Allow your body’s intelligence to express the physical sensations of the experience.

    Focus on the inner realization of your success and, in time, you will find that you have become the person to fulfill it. The formula for real success is first, BE. Then DO. Then HAVE. So, first, BE IT and you will experience victory in every way.

In Summary

Playing LIFE AS A SPIRITUAL GAME will enrich every aspect of your life. A few key practices will ensure your success: endeavor to bring about Highest Good (For All), Do No Harm (to anyone or anything), keep your Soul’s Integrity, support the Well-Being of all, follow your Soul Guidance, act in Balance with Nature, and expand your LOVE to experience the Oneness of All That Is. Apply the simple spiritual principles of 1. Play to Win (For All), 2. Move in Turn (proper timing is a factor), 3. Opponents Teach (people show you where you’re at), 4. Remain True (to your Soul’s Divinity), and 5. Experience Victory (within your imagination) to discover the satisfying richness of a life well-lived.

May we each master our game and create Heaven on Earth together.

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