Listen within. These two words are at the core of everything The Ancient Ones teach. We have written books about the rich life that is created when we apply this simple wisdom.

Still, we struggle sometimes.

Last week we shared with you our challenges with fixing a mysterious problem in our website. For two months, three professional technical support specialists worked with Jack to try to find and resolve the issue that kept our website frozen in time. Nothing they tried worked.

As this weeks message clearly states, “It is up to you to make the time to slow down and connect with your Soul’s knowing.” This practical wisdom applies in any situation, regardless of how technical or complicated it may seem, as we learned with great effectiveness this past week.

On Monday, while we were sitting together in our morning sharing time, Stacey gave Jack a message from her guidance that he could find the solution to the website problem by listening within. He needed to ask specifically where to find the issue that was causing the malfunction. She assured him that Spirit would show him the solution. He struggled through the day to find an answer.

However, that night he had a dream about finding a file folder that contained the cause of the problem. On Tuesday morning, his intuition guided him to look deep within the files of the website