Mastering Your Energy with Animals

The author collecting a wild swarm of honeybees

Years ago when Stacey and I were caretaking a ranch, I expanded my focus from gardening to include working with animals. A menagerie of bees, chickens, turkeys, peacocks, goats, sheep, llamas, cows, horses, dogs, and a half-wild barn cat fell into my care.

I loved this experience because I had to learn how to master my energy with stinging insects, prey animals, and predators in order to cultivate a healthy, balanced community of people, working animals, and livestock.

Energy Mastery of Animals

  • The bees showed me how my calm, soothing presence made them feel safe around me. They opened my heart to greater joy in mindfully productive work.
  • The prey animals showed me how to evoke cooperation through collaborative partnership. They opened my heart to greater joy in service to the community.
  • The predators showed me how to be more calmly assertive without anger or aggression. They opened my heart to the joy of self confidence and inner leadership.
  • Every creature responded best to the energy of confidence (self-love), care (love of others) and joy (love overflowing), and evoked more of this in me when I got it right. This created a positive feedback loop of harmonious productivity.

I am forever grateful for their teaching me how to better embody these Divine qualities. Their lessons have made me a better person, and a better coach. I now pass on this embodied wisdom to my clients, helping them to master their energy so they can remain centered in any situation.

All of these creatures reminded me that we humans are creatures too; that we’re all affected by each other’s energy. And, that the best results happen when we take full responsibility for the energy we bring to the mix.

May we each be more aware of our energy body so we can be a source of peace, cooperation, and upliftment to all.

Rich Blessings,  Jack (and Stacey)


Next Steps: Mastering Your Energy

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