Mature Wisdom

Mature Wisdom

Have you seen the beneficial results of living a mature life? Have you brought into manifestation all that you have conceptualized from the inspiration of your Soul? Have you put into practice the art of completing what you have committed yourself to? Do your values show themselves in your work ethic? Have you matured yourself to the point of taking appropriate actions to accomplish your goals? Have you reaped a good harvest from your dedicated mental thought process and the required physical action that is necessary in order to bring your cultivated spiritual seedlings into full bloom to fulfill your purpose?

If so, are you teaching others by your example? Have you decided to assist people further through workshops, personal coaching or by writing a how-to book?

If not, what are you lacking? What keeps your energy blocked from manifesting your ideals? Who are you waiting for to do it for you, and why? Where is the maturity to take full responsibility to co-create the life you came here to live? Have you figured out what your Soul’s purpose is for this incarnation? And, why are you behind in fulfilling your purpose?

Seek within for your answers. Learn from those who have mastered their goals. Take the appropriate action to complete what you have decided upon. Spend time creating your desired outcome within the miraculous tool of your imagination. See it within your mind’s eye. Feel it in the cells of your body. Experience it as already done. And, know for certain that it must now complete. This is the wisdom of Nature. Decide what seed to plant, take the action, cultivate it to maturity, and reap the harvest. Click To Tweet

It is that simple.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.