Body Mind Soul

Body Mind Soul

Sometimes when a person receives information from the spiritual aspect of themselves, their Soul, confusion may come up because of the congestion, the wrong thinking, the false beliefs: belief in separation, belief that the body is separate from the mind and separate from the Soul. It is all interconnected. The body could not operate without the mind or the Soul. It takes the three in unison. They are never separate, they only seem separate.

And when we speak of the separation it is only in order for the mind to grasp, and yet it is grasping lies. Everything you have ever read is a lie, everything you have ever spoken is a lie, for you cannot speak truth, it is impossible. And so, we will do our best to share with you in a way, even though it is not exact truth, it will get you closer to the truth.

The truth can only be experienced, it can never be explained. Click To Tweet Once you know this, you will not get hung up on words, you will not listen so carefully to other people’s words, but rather you will pay more attention to your experience. It is all within the experience, the experience in the now, in this moment. And then, let go of the experience you had a moment ago in order to have the experience of this moment now. And then, let go of this experience in order to have the experience in the moment now.

The written word is all about former moments. It is a way a person explains their experience. And yet, words cannot describe. Therefore, it is not the truth. Take each word as a grain of salt that melts in boiling water. The salt is still there but it is mixed with the water. It is no longer just salt. And yet, it is salt, and it is water. The water is no longer pure water, and salt is no longer pure salt. It is salt and water. Your body, your ego-mind, and your Soul must mix to make one; not isolated into each separate aspect. The more separated a person is, the less they know.

Those who focus only on the body have a wonderful, beautiful piece of equipment. But they may have separated themselves from their ego-mind personality and their Soul essence. Those who are the intellectuals, they may have separated themselves from their physical body and may not listen to the feelings and emotions of the energy moving through them. Their physical bodies are no longer a powerful tool. It is the mind that they focus on, and yet the mind is actually less than the body, and much less than the Soul, in terms of wholeness.

The Soul, on its own, is an entity and can do much, except in this world. Here on planet Earth one needs a body. One needs a physical presence and an intellectual presence. It is the intellect that communicates and tells you, using a map, turn left or turn right. And when you blend them all together, where the body expresses the Soul, where the ego-mind formulates words that uplift another, they are tools of the Soul, the pure essence that is connected to ALL THAT IS, never separated.

Oneness Within describes the blending of the physical body with the ego-mind, its library, with the essence, the pure essence of Soul, the God-form Divinity within you. And as you practice this more and more, each moment, each day, each year, you then become the full expression of your Soul essence through your words and your deeds. Your words come from your ego-mind. Your deeds come from your physical body. And, when you become a living expression of your Soul, then you will know what it is to be human, fully expressing on planet Earth.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healer & Channel for The Ancient Ones.