Morning Connection
A good friend recently suggested that we share with you more about our personal life and how we integrate the practical, spiritual wisdom of The Ancient Ones. We strive to put into practice what The Ancient Ones share with us. We struggle sometimes. And, much of the time we really soar. We are on the journey together, and we want to include you with us.

So, today, we felt to tell you about our morning connection routine.

Since the beginning of our relationship, we have developed a daily habit of having our own personal meditation time. Then, we sit together and share with each other what we have learned through our communion with Spirit, the shifts in perception we have made, the healing that has occurred, and the Soul-guided clarity we have come to.

Over time, we have consistently found that because we have come to agreement within ourselves, and bring this Spiritual clarity to each other, it is easy for us to make decisions together in harmony. The day flows forward with grace and effectiveness. We work together as one. And it’s fun!

We know that your primary relationship is with your Soul. And, when you can come into harmony with another, life is magical.

When you Commune with Spirit you can never truly feel lonely. And if you have someone special in your life, share the vibrancy of your inner life with them too, and see if they will meet you there, heart to heart, Soul to Soul.

Rich Blessings, Jack and Stacey