Life is forever regenerating itself. The cycles built into nature are designed to provide continuation for every species on Earth. Learn to work with Mother Nature to build a positive and prosperous life for yourself and others.

Plant your seeds and cultivate the land to feed your family. Uncover ancient wisdom held deep within your Soul. Seek answers from within as to what your part can be in recovering Earth’s beauty and bounty. Take pride in your home, the Earth.

Teach your children to care for this life-sustaining planet. Organize intentional communities that fit your current needs. Expand your knowledge of natural living. Decide to participate in the great shift that has begun – from living in an ego dominated world filled with consumerism and toxic waste build-up, to that of whole Self living based on honor for nature and sustainability.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.