We are REALLY EXCITED to introduce you to our brand new course, A Year to Awaken Your Soul. (Below, you can give this course as a Christmas Gift).

We’ve compiled over 7 years of Messages into this 365-day online, self-paced course to help you expand and express your true power. The course provides a daily message from The Ancient Ones and the immediate and cumulative effect is incredibly transformative.

You can now have daily support to:

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs and recover your Soul authority
  • Embody timeless wisdom of the sages and attract wise and caring people into your life
  • Tap into your deepest knowing to create a better life for yourself and those you love
  • Enjoy more success, fulfillment, and fun!

What’s Inside:

Timeless Wisdom:

A steady stream of spiritual truths from The Ancient Ones that remind you of who you truly are. Each message builds, one upon another, so that your spiritual practice is deepened and strengthened over time.

Daily Support:

365 daily messages that explore many subjects from the perspective of your Soul. By the end of this course, you will have tried on, practiced and applied much wisdom. This, in itself, will change your outlook and fuel your growth.


While we’ve organized this as a daily, year-long course, we encourage you to do it in your own time. There is no pressure to get it done. So, relax and enjoy the journey of awakening, however long that may take.

How will your life change as these messages “slow-drip” through your consciousness over the next 365 days? That is up to you. However, we are confident that if you’ll allow the energy and the teachings to percolate deeply through your conscious and subconscious mind, you will shift into a higher way of perceiving and living.

We’ve priced this course at only $20 so that it can be affordable for you and easy to share as a gift to others.


START YOUR COURSE NOW (No time like the present!)

Give A Year to Awaken Your SoulSpeaking of PRESENTS…

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Thank You, Happy Holidays, and Rich Blessings,

Jack and Stacey and The Ancient Ones