When we can perceive the universe and everything in it as a single experience made up of many different aspects, we keep true to the understanding that it is all ONE. Everything is interconnected. The idea of separateness is just an illusion that helps a person to grasp all of the diversities that are in existence.

A human body has ten separate toes, ten separate fingers, two ears, two eyes, one mouth, etc. Yet they all form one physical body that make up an individual. We may refer to our thumb as a distinct and separate part of ourselves, but it is always defined as a part of a whole.

Energy connects everything together invisibly. Empty space is no longer considered empty. Science is revealing that everything is energy. And, new findings are being discovered daily.

Humanity has come full circle in their beliefs - from the belief in the wholeness of nature, to the separateness of things, and back to the interconnectedness of the whole, or ONENESS. Click To Tweet

When a part of the body becomes ill, it has a distressing affect on the rest of the body. A person may feel this ill effect within him or herself to the point of exhaustion. The strain may even affect their ability to think well.

When the person treats just the symptoms, they may alleviate the problem temporarily, but in the long run it is the wellness of the entire being that needs to be addressed. The belief behind the malady needs to be revealed so that health may automatically return.

We live in an ego society that prescribes pills to neutralize, mask, obscure, numb, offset, or otherwise treat the symptom, never searching within the psyche for the real culprit, which would be a belief in opposition to health, life, love, and wholeness.

We are entering into an era of responsibility to the welfare of the ALL. This can be named the era of ONENESS. May humanity join with their fellow beings to live in nature as a united whole for the well-being of every living creature.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.