Passion is the fuel that propels our direction in life. When we feel driven to accomplish a particular purpose our life opens to excitement and fulfillment. Each day builds upon the last in a multitude of synchronicities. These, at times, seem miraculous, and the mystery of these coincidences sparks our delight in the exhilarating experience we are creating.

Our Soul brings us to avenues where seeming difficulties melt into the ever opening pathways necessary for our mission’s completion. We can rely on these open doors with greater ease each time we trust and participate in this flow.

This reliance on good fortune, luck, God’s answer to our prayer, or whatever you want to name it, builds stronger with each appreciated victory. The answer is always within us. And, when we take the time to develop our faith in this spiritual aspect, we find that our path becomes smoother and richer.

There are many factors that make up our successes in life. There are a myriad of spirit beings eager to assist us. Our fellow humans also enjoy participating in our creations. Our Soul shares with our ego-mind many ways to fulfill our true desires.

Yet, the most important ingredient in the outcome of our circumstances lies within the level of our consciousness. This means that there is never anyone else to credit, or blame, for the out-workings of our states of mind. Everything that comes our way does so through the energetic match of our consciousness.

This is good news because it gives full responsibility, and ability, to us. No one outside of ourselves can do anything to, for, or against us without our frequency match that is drawing all circumstances to us. We can use this understanding to empower ourselves and others to co-create more favorable results.

A good rule of thumb to consider: when we feel excited, enthusiastic, expansive, drawn to, pulled by, or passionate towards something, it usually means our Soul is involved. And, this gives us a lead into a higher path or journey that will bring us closer to fulfillment.

We all desire to live in joy and wonder. Every creature seeks fulfillment. When we are living from a true sense of worthiness we open to the prosperous flow of the Universe. There is never a need to live in scarcity. Life is dynamically abundant. Gratitude opens the doorways to more abundance.

Choose to live your life with purpose and passion. Awaken your Soul’s guidance through developing a relationship with your divinity. Be proactive in bringing to you all that you desire by expanding your consciousness to ever higher levels of understanding. Allow joy to lead the way. Enjoy your time on Earth.

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.