Consciousness is life expressing in differing degrees. Life ever exists in one stage or another, as demonstrated within the “circle of life”. Everything is energy, and it is everywhere. There is no place without God. God is ALL THAT IS, and all that seems not.

With this awareness comes maturity, wisdom and acceptance, so that judgment no longer holds sway. Personal discernment replaces judgment of another. Freedom to live for and as one’s true Self thrives. The joy of creating one’s own adventure becomes the foundation for true expression. Life then opens to meaning, purpose and passion.

Many spiritual teachers have expressed these wisdom teachings of non-judgment, love without conditions, fulfillment of true desire, reaping that which is sown, and unity with all of life. Humanity’s innate nature is positive. The Soul’s direction is always to deliver that which can be utilized for positive change. Click To Tweet

It is the misunderstanding of the ego-mind that has created false judgments to be written and agreed upon by the masses. Belief can only look real in the eye of the beholder. When one changes their way of seeing, that is, their perception, a different belief is born, and circumstances change to support that new belief. Yet, in reality, nothing really claims TRUTH because it is all based on bias.

Gaining a higher perspective usually unravels the belief below it. So, to get ahead of the game, one can simply release their sense of “rightness” or judgment and, instead, keep an open mind to the ever-expanding awareness of reality and the meaning of life, and therefore truly enjoy the process of becoming.

Your beliefs are the only things hindering you from truly being happy. Choose to interpret your life experience from the viewpoint that everything is happening for your good. Look deep within yourself to see that whatever you are going through is somehow related to your current level of awareness or belief. If you are experiencing that which you do not desire, then find the belief that is creating it (in obedience to your belief pattern) and change your perception to create a different outcome.

There is no one out there in the ethers punishing you for anything you have done in your past. There is only YOU creating your circumstances from your interpretation or belief system. Mankind has created all kinds of deities for the purpose of punishing, rewarding, and controlling their fellow man. It is time to awaken from your shared creation of a world based on false premises of separation from the All, and the concept of “good versus evil”.

Life is an unending journey of enjoyment. The Soul enjoys sharing with others. Relating with another brings fulfillment. No human stands alone, for one cannot exist without connection to all of life.

Each individual is their own authority as their divinely-inspired Soul Self, and, at the same time, connected to everyone and ev