Positive Interpretation

Positive Interpretation

What is your interpretation of love? Does it include kindness, respect, honor, dignity, appreciation, acceptance, trust, understanding, and compassion? What is your description of happiness? Do you believe that health, prosperity, and fulfillment are essential ingredients? What about God? Would you describe God as omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient?

If these are accurate interpretations, then does it not make sense that everything in life is positive, because it is ALL God? Where is God NOT? Negative expressions can be interpreted as ignorance, or belief in falsehood. Once a child learns that when he drops something gravity will take it down, he will endeavor to hang on to it.

Eventually, people will be forced to reckon with their co-created circumstances, and make the changes necessary for the betterment of their lives. Life is simple; our beliefs become manifested, in time. Choose your beliefs wisely. Co-create with all of the elements in Creation. Call forth your true desires with your well developed consciousness. Reclaim your divinity.

Nature’s cycle of seasons is a great example through which to ponder positive interpretation. Every season is necessary for the continuation of life. The cycle of life also affords contemplation. Death is necessary for rebirth, and the many wonderful experiences had by each unique incarnation.

See the world as fluid and changeable by your very thoughts. Take charge of your own life, and create a better world for yourself. Interpret everything with a positive perspective. Did the circumstances need to change? Could that be why there was a parting of ways, so each one could live truer to their desires? With greater awareness comes a higher understanding that everything is of God, and meant for our good. Enter into this positive flow and reap the benefits of positive interpretation. Click To Tweet

~ The Ancient Ones



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