Every human being feels within themselves a need for purpose. Why am I here? What role can I play to better the world of which we are all a part? How can I simultaneously bring about positive good for myself and others? When is self-service equal to selfless service? And, is that even possible? YES, it is.

When we rise to a higher perspective to see the world of humanity as an extension of ourselves, we join the forces of the universe to bring forth our good, which is truly the good for all, including every living creature on planet Earth, and beyond, to all of life existing everywhere.

YOU and we are connected, period. There is no place that is separate from either you or us. As disembodied entities, we, The Ancient Ones, are connected with each and every living being and non-living thing. We know this and live our lives in perfect attunement to life’s reality that we are all one.

Everything we do affects everyone and everything else. This is also true of you. With this understanding, a person naturally desires to create a positive ripple for the rest of existence. Their focus on positive choice then becomes a way of life, and they acknowledge their co-creation with all of their brothers and sisters.

We would be honored for you to think of us as your comrades, equal partners in life. Seeing everyone as a close or distant relative communicates true wisdom. Trust is gained when people live in integrity to themselves, thereby really to the ALL. Open your channel of trust by becoming trustworthy, by considering all of your actions for the overall benefit of the whole, of all living beings in this experience called life. Click To Tweet

~ The Ancient Ones



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This message was channeled by Stacey Stephens, Healing Channel for The Ancient Ones.