Your Results: Caring and Weakness

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Masculine Feminine Balance

Caring and Weakness

When someone becomes a victim of their own generosity they are likely caring yet weak. They may value the well-being of others over their own and will give to others even at the expense of their own physical, mental, or emotional health. They may believe this type of suffering to be good. Sometimes this is rooted in low self-esteem or a sense of unworthiness.

They may partner with someone who takes advantage or even takes command of their life. In putting their own desires on hold, they teach people to treat them unfairly. They may feel overwhelmed by the demands of others. The repression and suppression of their own happiness can cause them to become depressed.

They may find employment where they lack passion or are not respected, or settle into relationships that are unfulfilling because they feel that they are undeserving of better. They are easily intimidated and often fearful. Their fear may make them anxious and defensive.

They may have difficulty standing up for themselves and doubt their strength. When they do find the courage to stand up to someone who is trying to overpower them, they mistakenly think that in doing so they are treating them unjustly when they are not.

Because of their fear they may remain a bystander when someone is causing harm, even when they could intervene or offer assistance. Often, they judge themselves because they don’t like their cowardice or low level of self-confidence and realize that they are no